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First Class Accounts Geelong

First Class Accounts Geelong is a professional bookkeeping services firm located near Geelong, Australia. They offer friendly and professional bookkeeping services on or offsite for Small to Medium business, Self-Managed Superannuation funds and Investment Portfolios (non-superannuation). They have a passion for stock market investing and enjoy assisting our clients with all their portfolio management bookkeeping requirements.

How we work together

First Class Accounts Geelong is a Sharesight Pro Partner that leverages Sharesight to provide award-winning portfolio reporting to its clients.

Their thoughts on Sharesight

I recently picked up a new client with multiple share portfolios that actively traded positions and had a lot of paperwork to sort over the year, not to mention keeping track of gains and losses for tax purposes.

We moved their portfolio into Sharesight, setting up automated Trade Confirmation Emails import from their broker to the system. We also integrated Sharesight with Xero Cashbook, resulting in a fantastic automated system which makes reconciling, portfolio performance and tax reporting simple and easy.

At the end of the year the Accountant simply logs onto the system and can extract all tax reports and other information as required. Easy for client, accountant and bookkeeper.
Brett Anderson, First Class Accounts – Geelong

Source: Great Solution for Share Portfolio Management

First Class Accounts Geelong
169 Newcombe Street
Portarlington, VIC
1800 082 066
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