Afiniation Showcase Wrap-Up

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | Sep 28th 2015

We were pleased to present at the inaugural Afiniation Showcase event in Sydney last week. As a setting, you can't beat Sydney's Ivy Ballroom, and the format was really refreshing: 30 fintech startups were given 7 minutes each to present their innovative technology to the audience of industry insiders, investors and journalists. Presenters had to demo actual products, so there was no "death by PowerPoint", and it was really great to see so many live demos go off without a hitch!

The event kicked-of with an intro by Linda Duncombe, Managing Director of Marketing, Digital and Customer Experience at Citi, followed by an inspiring keynote by New Zealand Trade Commissioner David McLeish:

![Afiniation: NZ Trade](//

As a Wellington-founded company, we were pleased to see a few other Kiwi companies hop over the Tasman to present their fintech services. Tan Huynh from Grow Wellington pulled the Wellington-based companies together for a quick photo op:

Afiniation 2015 - Featured

Doug Morris (Sharesight), Tan Huynh (Grow Wellington), Ian Dunbar (Afiniation/SuiteBox), Jason Gleason (EightWireData), Kendall Flutey (Banqer)

Speaking of Wellington-based fintechs, we were really impressed by Banqer -- an interactive learning tool that assists in teaching financial literacy to children. Co-founder Kendall Flutey demonstrated how Banqer gamifies concepts like compound interest and natural disaster scenarios. It's such a cool idea and the app itself looks great.

We also really enjoyed Avoka's demo. Their "frictionless" technology simplifies long application processes for the financial, insurance and government sectors. Personally, we'd love to see them tackle those tedious immigration forms we have to complete every time we travel overseas!

Our mate Nick also did a great live demo of the stock market visualistion app he co-founded, Simply Wall St. We recommend checking it out if you haven't already.

Afiniation: Simply Wall St

Nick van den Berg (Simply Wall St)

When it was Sharesight's turn, our CEO Doug Morris did a rapid-fire live demo of our most-popular features:

Afiniation: Doug Morris, Sharesight CEO Photo: Kendall Flutey

Feedback from the audience was really good, and we had the chance to meet-up with some great folks at our stand afterwards.

A huge thanks and congratulations to the folks at Afiniation for inviting us along and for pulling-off a fantastic event. We're glad to be part of the Afiniation Financial Technology Network and look forward to seeing what's next.