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Announcing a new Sharesight partner: EBROKING

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Feb 11th 2015

We’re excited to welcome a new Sharesight Partner, EBROKING!

EBROKING is a share trading platform established by ESUPERFUND, which is offered exclusively to ESUPERFUND Clients to trade for their SMSF.

Since the vast majority of SMSF trustees use their fund as a vehicle for investing in the share market, a seamless connection between EBROKING and Sharesight makes perfect sense. You could argue that portfolio admin is the most important part of running an SMSF!

EBROKING clients now have a one-click option to send their historical buys, sells, dividends and corporate actions to Sharesight and we’ll automatically listen for future trades and dividends too. All performance, dividend, and tax reporting can be run on the fly and exported.

hero - Sharesight + Ebroking

We focus obsessively on making it easy for investors to gain an accurate picture of their portfolio’s performance and to end the reliance of spreadsheets and manual efforts. And in doing so, Sharesight accomplishes exactly what SMSF trustees are required to gather – thereby bringing the investment administration costs way down.

We keep an eye on the SMSF space. Ironically, you hear more about the big end of town rushing into this market to capture SMSF trustee assets, whereas the whole point of a self managed super fund is to let individuals take control of their retirement futures. As such we’re proud to partner with the likes of EBROKING who put the investor in the driver’s seat.