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Cuffelinks insights now available within Sharesight

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | Aug 30th 2017

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Cuffelinks to bring their exclusive investing insights directly into your Sharesight portfolio.

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Cuffelinks is a free investment newsletter based in Australia and written by financial market professionals with experience in wealth management, superannuation, banking, academia and financial advice. They speak to engaged investors and financial services professionals.

The four principals behind Cuffelinks are an experienced group: Chris Cuffe, Graham Hand, David Bell, and Ashley Owen. As stated on their About Us page:

We share both the knowledge and the battle scars of market experts in an independent community of investors. Ideas and insights are presented from an informed and impartial point of view, without pushing products or promoting services.

The best part about Cuffelinks is that it’s fiercely independent. It does not promote products, take commissions, or require paid subscriptions.

If Cuffelinks has published articles about a particular stock, you’ll find it on the individual holding page within your Sharesight portfolio (if you don’t yet have one, you’ll need to sign up for a Free Sharesight account). Just click on the “Cuffelinks News” tab, as demonstrated in this screenshot:

screenshot - cuffelinks + sharesight


  • There is no additional cost to access the Cuffelinks news feed within your Sharesight portfolio.
  • As well as commenting on specific stocks, Cuffelinks also publishes thematic articles on topics such as asset allocation, portfolio re-construction, and government policy. Unless a specific stock is mentioned in an article, it will not appear within Sharesight’s news feed. For this reason, we highly recommend signing-up to the Cuffelinks free weekly newsletter. It’s essential Thursday reading for many of us in the Sharesight Sydney office.

Integrating Cuffelinks into Sharesight is an exciting addition to our ecosystem of connected investing services -- and another step in our goal of building the best portfolio tracking system for investors and the financial professionals who support them.