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Product update - notes, file attachments, PDF reports

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight | Apr 26th 2012

We’ve recently been developing some product update enhancements to help you keep track of more information about your shareholdings. The following new features are now available in Sharesight:

File attachments

Investor, Expert, and Sharesight Pro customers can now upload a file attachment to each trade or dividend record in Sharesight. Additionally, you can upload up to 5 file attachments against each shareholding. This allows you to store an online copy of Trade Confirmation Emails, dividend slips or any other relevant documentation that you receive from the company. If you’re using our Trade Confirmation Emails function, your Trade Confirmation Emails will automatically be attached to the trade record in Sharesight so that you have a permanently accessible online copy that you can download whenever you need it.

Notes about the shareholding

In addition to the existing comments field where you can record notes about each trade or dividend, we’ve now also added a comments section for the shareholding itself. Think of this as a notepad where you can jot down any information about the share. This is a great way to communicate extra information to shared users, eg your accountant or financial adviser (or client if you use Sharesight Professional Edition).

PDF reports

We've also introduced new PDF reports so that you can download and save a great looking copy of any of the reports. The PDF download option replaces the previous 'print' option as printing from the PDF file offers substantial improvements to the formatting. Look for the new PDF icon next to the Excel icon at the top of the reports.