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Introducing the Sharesight Chrome Extension

by Angela Thompson, Sharesight

We’re excited to introduce the Sharesight Chrome Extension. It provides “Portfolio Snapshot & Quick Access” functionality directly within your Chrome browser:

Sharesight Chrome Extension - Featured

The handy & FREE Sharesight Chrome Extension lets you:

  • See your portfolio performance in just 1-click

  • Quickly view portfolio returns over various time periods

  • Click on a portfolio to easily access the full Sharesight experience, including the ability to:

    • Access all holding data (including buys/sells, DRPs, automatically loaded dividends & other corporate actions)

    • View easy-to-read performance charts & graphs

    • Run powerful performance & tax reports

How to install & use the Sharesight Chrome Extension

Follow these simple steps to add the Sharesight Chrome Extension to your Chrome browser:

  1. Visit the Chrome store and search for “Sharesight”.

  2. Select “Sharesight: Portfolio Snapshot & Quick Access” under Extensions (Make sure you select the Extension, as the other Sharesight item is for our website “App” - it’s really just another way for new clients to find and sign up for a regular Sharesight account). Sharesight Chrome Extension 1

  3. Click the “Add to Chrome” button from the layer that appears detailing the extension overview and screenshots: Sharesight Chrome Extension 2

  4. Click the “Add Extension” button from the popup that appears: Sharesight Chrome Extension 3

  5. Once installed, an orange and grey icon will appear in your Chrome Menu with the following confirmation message: Sharesight Chrome Extension 4

  6. Click on the icon to log in (or sign up for) your Sharesight account. If you’re an existing client, enter your email and password (or click the “Login / Signup with Google” button). If you do not already have a Sharesight account, click the “Login / Signup with Google” button to quickly sign up for a free account. Sharesight Chrome Extension 5

  7. Click on the Sharesight Chrome Extension icon at any time to quickly view your portfolio performance over various time ranges:Sharesight Chrome Extension 6

  8. Click on a portfolio name to jump directly into that particular portfolio within your Sharesight account:Sharesight Chrome Extension 7

We hope you find the Sharesight Chrome Extension to be a convenient way to quickly view your portfolio performance and access your Sharesight portfolios. For feedback on the extension, please leave a comment below or visit our community forum.