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Sharesight Mobile App - January 2017 update

by Angela Thompson, Sharesight

Following-up on the launch of our mobile app and all the great feedback we’ve received, we’re pleased to announce the Sharesight Mobile App – January 2017 update.

Featured - Sharesight Mobile App 2017-01

What’s new in the Sharesight Mobile App – January 2017 update

Beyond a few design and text changes, here are the major changes included in this update:

1. Additional holding information

From the portfolio overview screen, clicking on a holding now displays the quantity details:

Screenshot - Sharesight Mobile App 2017-01 - #1

From there, clicking on “more details” reveals 3 new data tabs:

Overview – Includes total return details (capital gain + income gain + currency gain), a price chart, and the instrument information.

Transactions – Reveals detailed transaction and income information.

News – Displays the latest Google and Livewire news related to the holding.

Screenshot - Sharesight Mobile App 2017-01 #6

2. Cash accounts

Investor, Expert and Sharesight Pro clients who are tracking cash accounts (via our award-winning Sharesight + Xero integration) may now scroll down to the bottom of the portfolio overview screen to view the cash account details alongside their other portfolio holdings:

Screenshot - Sharesight Mobile App 2017-01 #5

3. Apple devices restricted to iOS 8 and up

The mobile app was causing issues for a handful of clients using older versions of iOS, so unfortunately we’ve had to restrict usage to iOS 8 and up.

What’s next

Please note that the Sharesight Mobile App – January 2017 update does not include Google Login. We are actively developing that feature and it will be included in a future release. If you have additional ideas, or questions about the mobile app, please leave a message in our dedicated forum topic, we’d love to hear from you!

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