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Sharesight release notes - April 2020

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight

April was one of our busiest and the product team worked hard to ensure that Sharesight was as fast and reliable as always. Here’s a run down of the updates we shipped:

Sharesight release notes April 2020

Sharesight release highlights for April 2020

Tax Reporting

Sharesight Usability

  • Improved confirmation messaging when deleting a cash account transaction that’s linked to a trade.

  • Added a broker search function and improved visibility of our trade confirmation email feature on the Broker Import screen.

Broker Transaction Import

  • Added a direct API integration with Hatch (New Zealand)

Sharesight API

  • Added support for the Capital Call transaction type to our V2 and V3 Trades endpoints

  • Added V3 API endpoints to List, View, Create, Update and Delete Custom Investments

Market Data