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Sharesight release notes - January 2019

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight

We’ve hit the ground running in 2019 with some a few major usability enhancements complete and a few more underway. We’ve also added support for a raft of Canadian brokers to better support our rapidly growing Canadian userbase. Without further ado, here’s the highlights for the month of Jan:

Sharesight Release Notes January 2019

Broker Import

Added CSV file import support for the following brokers:

  • Virtual Broker (Canada)

  • National Bank of Canada

  • Qtrade (Canada)

  • Credential Direct (Canada)

  • HSBC (Canada)

Added Trade Confirmation Email support for:


  • Release redesigned Portfolio Overview page featuring asynchronous data loading (this will allow various page speed improvements which will be released over the coming weeks)

  • Improved Add Holding Form offering major usability enhancements for mobile devices. This has been released to selected customers ahead of general release in the coming weeks.

  • Redesigned Billing Details page to provide quicker and clearer access to billing information and invoice history.

  • Improve Trade Confirmation Emails Password field in the settings tab to clearly indicate when a password has been saved

  • Performance calculation parameter caching released to beta users. This offers substantial page load improvements especially for large portfolios. We anticipate rolling this out to all customers over the coming weeks.


  • API V3 (in beta): Added valid position indicator to holdings endpoint

  • API V3 (in beta): Added total portfolio performance endpoint

Behind the scenes

  • Implement for end to end testing