Sharesight20 - Top 20 trades on the NZX in 2018

by David Olsen, Content Manager, Sharesight

Our Sharesight20 snapshots of the top 20 trades on the ASX and NZX markets by Sharesight users always make for interesting reading. In this post we’ll explore the top 20 trades on the NZX in 2018 and build a Sharesight portfolio of these 20 shares to find out how it would have performed during the year.

Sharesight20 top 20 NZX trades 2018

Top 20 NZX trades 2018

Sharesight users overwhelmingly look to gain exposure to the NZX market through ETFs. In 2018 the Smartshares NZ Top 50 Fund, US 500 Fund, and NZ Mid Cap fund claimed the top 3 positions on the Sharesight20NZX for the year.

The most traded stock that was not an ETF that made the 2018 Sharesight20NZX snapshot was market darling The a2 Milk Company Limited, followed by Auckland International Airport Limited, and Heartland Bank Limited. Let’s explore how the investment returns a portfolio built from these stocks would have performed in 2018 before we dive in to some of the news behind the interest in these stocks.

Sharesight20NZX 2018 portfolio performance

Dividends really saved the performance of our Sharesight20NZX 2018 portfolio, with capital gains in the negative for the year. Here’s how the portfolio would have performed.

Sharesight20NZX 2018 - Performance Report 2018-01-01 through 2018-12-31
CodeNameCapital Gain %Dividends %Total Return %
AIAAuckland International Airport Limited10.80%4.66%15.46%
AIRAir New Zealand Limited (NS)-2.82%9.58%6.76%
ATMThe a2 Milk Company Limited38.17%0.00%38.17%
FBUFletcher Building Limited-35.79%0.00%-35.79%
FNZNZ Top 50 Fund (NS)2.31%4.38%6.68%
FPHFisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited-9.41%2.15%-7.25%
GNEGenesis Energy Limited (NS)3.57%8.79%12.36%
HBLHeartland Bank Limited1.15%4.33%5.48%
IFTInfratil Limited9.94%6.83%16.77%
MCYMercury NZ Limited (NS)8.16%6.22%14.38%
MDZNZ Mid Cap Fund (NS)1.42%4.68%6.09%
MELMeridian Energy Limited (NS)16.41%8.22%24.63%
OCAOceania Healthcare Limited1.90%4.48%6.38%
PPHPushpay Holdings Limited-24.46%0.00%-24.46%
SPKSpark New Zealand Limited14.33%8.90%23.22%
STUSteel & Tube Holdings Limited-41.90%4.63%-37.28%
SUMSummerset Group Holdings Limited15.82%2.38%18.20%
THLTourism Holdings Limited-14.88%5.78%-9.10%
USFUS 500 Fund (NS)-1.73%0.34%-1.39%
ZELZ Energy Limited-28.42%6.23%-22.19%

Sharesight20NZX 2018 company news

The A2 Milk Company Limited (NZX: A2M)

Meridian Energy Limited (NZX: MEL)

Spark New Zealand Limited (NZX: SPK)

Summerset Group Holdings Limited (NZX: SUM)

Infratil Limited (NZX: IFT)

Steel and Tube Holdings limited (NZX: STU)

Fletcher Buildings Limited (NZX: FBU)

Pushpay Holdings Limited (NZX: PPH)

Z Energy Limited (NZX: ZEL)

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare corporation limited (NZX: FPH)

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