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Track Interactive Investor trades

by Angela Thompson, Sharesight

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added our first UK broker, Interactive Investor, to our ever-growing list of supported brokers for automatic trade tracking!

What is automatic trade tracking

When you trade with some online brokers such as Interactive Investor, they will send you a Trade Confirmation Email with a PDF contract note attachment each time a trade has completed. By default, every Sharesight portfolio has a unique email address that is at the ready and “listening” for trades. So by forwarding those trade confirmation emails to Sharesight, you can automatically record trades to your investment portfolio(s).

Track Interactive Investor trades - featured

How to track Interactive Investor trades

Follow these steps in order to automatically track Interactive Investor trades:

  1. Sign up for a Sharesight account.

  2. Request your unique Sharesight portfolio email address by enabling Trade Confirmation Emails.

  3. Forward your Trade Confirmation Emails to Sharesight. While some online brokers allow investors to include their Sharesight portfolio email address on trade confirmation emails, Interactive Investor uses an encrypted inbox so this is not possible. However you may manually email your Interactive Investor contract notes to Sharesight. Here’s how to do that:
    • Select the “forward” option on the trade confirmation email.
    • Enter your unique Sharesight portfolio email address in the recipient (to:) field.
    • Include the exact spelling of the broker’s name (Interactive Investor) in the subject field.
    • Ensure that the contract note is in PDF format – Invoices, remittance advice, order confirmations, etc are unable to be processed.
    • Press “send”. Track Interactive Investor trades 1
  4. Once received, Sharesight will “read” the Trade Confirmation Email and:
    • Automatically record the trade details into the holding within your portfolio.
    • Save a copy of the contract note PDF to the holding within your portfolio.
    • Send you a confirmation email that the trade has been recorded. Track Interactive Investor trades 2

Special thanks to Sharesight member Andrew Knox for requesting that we support Interactive Investor and getting the ball rolling by sharing some of his Trade Confirmation Emails with us. If you don’t see your broker in our current list of over 92 supported brokers, please leave a comment on our community forum so we can work towards supporting them in the future.


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