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Track investments in 67 different currencies with Sharesight

by David Olsen, Content Manager, Sharesight

Sharesight now supports 67 global currencies, allowing users to track FX holdings and hold investments denominated in a vast range of worldwide currencies, with prices updated every 5 minutes (20 minute delayed).

We’ve expanded support to include the full list of currencies tracked by the OpenExchange Rates API – so investors can track investments in the currency of almost any country on earth.

track investments in 67 currencies

Track 67 different FX currencies with Sharesight

With this change, investors can now track FX holdings in 67 currencies, including a range of cryptocurrencies.

Track currencies with sharesigfht

Create Sharesight portfolios in even more countries

Sharesight is already used in over 60 countries worldwide, so with the additional currencies we’ve added today Sharesight users can now create portfolios in over 100 countries worldwide – with the impact of foreign exchange rates on international investments automatically taken into account in calculating your portfolio performance.

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Sharesight is the investor’s passport

Sharesight understands the importance of diversifying your investments internationally. Adding support for even more intraday exchange rates (and now tracking over 30 stock exchanges around the world) is all part of our vision to be the investor’s passport and help you achieve the best investment performance.

Unlock your investor passport today

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