About Sharesight

My son Scott Ryburn and I evolved the idea for Sharesight over 2006 and 2007. By then I had spent nearly 10 years as a keen, but highly frustrated, self-directed investor.

Recordkeeping was a nightmare and working out the true performance of my portfolio so that I knew whether it was worth all the drama, was nearly impossible.

We began our journey by bringing on board two highly experienced software developers as founding shareholders, which gave us the technical backing to bring our ideas to reality.


Tony Ryburn, Executive Director

From there, Sharesight developed a unique and innovative product, including sophisticated corporate action processing – the first of its kind for a product that was accessible to self-directed investors.

Developing Sharesight as a web based offering provided a cost effective channel to make it available online to everyone. We signed up our first paying customer in April 2008.

Fast forward to today and we have built up a great team around us. Scott as our CTO manages a team of dedicated developers in Wellington and Doug Morris as CEO has assumed overall management of Sharesight and the committed, enthusiastic team in our Sydney office.

In addition to self-directed investors, we now count financial advisors, fund managers, and accountants as clients. We've also developed ways for partner companies to leverage our portfolio technology to power their own solutions.

Ultimately, the best way to understand what Sharesight is all about is to sign up and try it for yourself. We're confident that you'll agree that it's the best portfolio tracking system available today.

Tony Ryburn

Executive Director