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Forwardcaster is a quantitative value backtesting engine that allows you to improve returns by building and testing your own long-term investment strategies. Once you’ve created a strategy you like, you can link it to your portfolio/s in order to track the results each day, week or month. Get started with Ready-To-Go fundamentals-based investment strategies running daily on the Australian and New Zealand stock markets.

How we work together

Forwardcaster leverages the Sharesight API to allow investors to import their Sharesight portfolios in just a few clicks.

Read the official partnership announcement:
Forwardcaster integrates with Sharesight API

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Forwardcaster's thoughts on Sharesight

Using the Sharesight API was very straightforward. Sharesight monitored their end-points — ensuring we were hitting them correctly — while from our end, we could see exactly what we needed to see and where to get it from. In all, the whole integration process only took a few weeks to get up and running. In addition, the Sharesight team was great to work with. I highly recommended working with Sharesight. You’ll get everything you need up and running in no time and it will massively add value to your customers and your business.
Tom Wigley, CEO, Forwardcaster

How to get started

Visit Forwardcaster and click on the Sharesight button.