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Why partner with Sharesight?

Sharesight believes in building a connected ecosystem of solutions that puts investors in control. Partners work with Sharesight to extend their product functionality, to leverage our API for performance and tax reporting, and to gain exposure to our fast growing universe of experienced self-directed investors, financial advisors, family offices, and accounting firms.

We work collaboratively with our partners to solve problems across the financial, technology and marketing spectrum. Our partnerships take on many forms. Sharesight can be a supplemental add-on, or a core application. As a digital retail business operating in the dynamic fintech industry, we bring our collective experience to each one of our partnerships.

Explore how partnering with Sharesight can help your business thrive

Sharesight for brokers

Online and full service brokers work with Sharesight to provide extended performance and comprehensive capital gains and dividend income tax reporting. Our API allows for single-sign-on and enables transaction data to securely flow from the execution platform to Sharesight. Clients benefit from analytical insights and leverage the connected experience to centralise their portfolios and trading needs, thereby creating new opportunities for broking partners.
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Sharesight for fund managers and ETF providers

Sharesight provides configured performance and tax reporting solutions for asset managers. Fund managers and ETF companies can leverage Sharesight to create a digital reporting experience, complete with tax reporting, manager insights, and on-going client communications. Sharesight works with registries and custodians to centralise data and digitise the end investor experience. This deepens the relationship between institutional asset managers and their retail clients and allows them to gain more control of distribution.

Sharesight for large accounting firms

Sharesight and our multi-asset class, global data universe is used by large accounting firms for tax and compliance reporting requirements. Sharesight Pro is relied upon internally by accounting teams for investment portfolio bookkeeping and reporting, and the Sharesight API is used to populate client reporting portals. Especially useful for high net worth clients, Sharesight’s agnostic, investor-centric approach ensures accuracy and independence.
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Sharesight for research providers and investment newsletters

Investment opinion makers use Sharesight to convey the performance of their ideas, and offer Sharesight to their clients to increase engagement with their digital platforms. The Sharesight API can be used to power embedded watchlists that clients use to track investment recommendations and news. Investment ideation and real portfolio tracking is a powerful combination for investors and reduces subscription churn.

Sharesight for media platforms

News outlets and the financial media work with Sharesight to convey investment themes and illustrate the performance of individual companies or portfolios to their readers. Sharesight can also power portfolio or watchlist features. Our investment trends data and infographics, including bespoke projects, is also available for use.
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Sharesight Partner Directory

Our award-winning partnerships feature online brokers, accounting software, data & research providers, financial professionals, robo-advisors, and more.
Sharesight Affiliate Program
Are you a finance blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, or speaker? Turn your influence into an income stream by earning up to 50% commission from each subscription to Sharesight.