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Morningstar AdviserLogic

Morningstar’s financial planning and practice management software, AdviserLogic, brings together the tools to help run your business — CRM, risk profiling, research tools, projection modelling, document generation, and compliance— in one powerful software.

How Morningstar AdviserLogic works with Sharesight

By integrating Morningstar AdviserLogic to Sharesight, advisers can keep a close eye on their clients' portfolios to offer proactive timely investment advice and performance updates – hassle free.

  1.    __Simplify portfolio admin:__ Imagine client portfolios that are always up to date with the latest trade, currency, and corporate action data. Use your new-found time to grow your practice and strengthen your client relationships.
  2.    __Focus on your clients, not your technology:__ As pre-built strategies, research and portfolio analysis, comprehensive tax and performance reporting are all taken care of, you'll have more time for client-care activities such as forward-looking investment conversations, optimising long-term goals and delivering ongoing peace of mind.
  3.    __Effortless setup with automatic updates:__ Investment balances are all imported in just a few clicks. Sit back and watch as share prices, currency effects and corporate actions such as dividends, DRPs and share splits are automatically incorporated in Morningstar AdviserLogic.

Free demo

If you’re not already using Morningstar AdviserLogic, request a free demo today to trial financial planning software that can empower your advice business with modern, easy-to-use, time-saving features.

Morningstar AdviserLogic onboarding & support

Morningstar AdviserLogic offers robust training and outstanding support through their local teams in Australia and offshore teams in India. Whether it's setting up or optimising your software, training new users, or troubleshooting any issues, you can reach their dedicated team of customer support representatives by phone, email, or in person.

Read the official partnership announcement: Power your financial advice business with Sharesight and Morningstar AdviserLogic