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Bay Financial Partners

Bay Financial Partners are full service financial planners located in Tauranga, New Zealand. They offer financial coaching, advice on retirement planning, investment, insurance and support to help individuals keep track of their finances.

How we work together

Bay Financial Partners is a Sharesight Professional partner that leverages Sharesight to provide award-winning portfolio reporting to its clients.

Bay Financial Partners' thoughts on Sharesight

We trialled many systems looking for a new reporting solutions for our clients. We decided the best was Sharesight. But still had the issue of manually reconciling the income that should be received with what was actually received in the bank account. We discovered Xero Cashbook and when we integrated the two, many of our clients' investment and tax reporting problems were solved.

We love Sharesight on its own but for larger portfolios a Sharesight and Xero Cashbook integrated reporting system can help you free up time for things you love doing and save yourself from much of the drudgery of reconciling and reporting investment income at a reasonable cost.

We can provide you the subscriptions to Sharesight and Xero Cashbook so you can do it yourself, or for a reasonable fee we can provide you as much assistance with Sharesight and/or Xero Cashbook setup and integration as you need.
Bay Financial Partners

For more info see Bay Financial Partners' article: Integrated reporting solution -- Xero and Sharesight