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Macrovue is a trading platform that offers model portfolios built around long term investment themes and over 20,000 stocks and ETFs from 18 exchanges around the world.

How to import historical trades

You can bulk import your historical buy and sell trades in to Sharesight by uploading a spreadsheet. Read this help guide for step-by-step instructions on how to bulk import your historical trades.

How to import new trades

Sharesight supports Macrovue using the trade confirmation emails feature. Read more about how to forward your contract notes in this guide.

How we work together

Macrovue uses the Sharesight API to track their in-house “vues” and to power the performance and tax reporting of their client-facing dashboard.

Read the official partnership announcement:
Announcing a new partner — Macrovue

Sharesight + Macrovue

Macrovue's thoughts on Sharesight

Connecting our software development teams has enabled us to create a more advanced bespoke solution and enhance our client experience.

We’re proud to partner with Sharesight. They’re aligned with our goal of making investing accessible to everyone and are a great example of fintech bridging the gaps of traditional financial services.