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Keeping track of investments used to be a hassle. Sharesight makes it simple. Want automatic holding updates, with comprehensive tax and performance reporting, wrapped up in an easy-to-use, fully online system? That’s Sharesight in a nutshell.


Track your dividends

Import your trading history, then sit back and watch as corporate actions such as dividends, and stock splits are automatically incorporated.


Know your true performance

Understand exactly how your investments are performing with daily price & currency updates, plus powerful reports and optional email alerts.


Save time and money

Share access to your portfolio and tax reports with your accountant in a few clicks and you’ll be on your way to saving time and money during tax time.



Your first 10 holdings are free!

Choose from any of our premium plans at any time to track additional holdings or portfolios, and unlock advanced features.

Sharesight works with you.

Sharesight partners with leading brokers, accountants, and data providers.

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  • This will allow you to pretty much throw away all of your spreadsheets

    Stephen Colman

    Stephen Colman Sharesight Customer

  • Much better than the spreadsheets it replaced. If you are an investor you need Sharesight

    Martin Dowse

    Martin Dowse Sharesight Customer

  • A lot of stuff is taken care of for me, automatically. Adding dividends, dividend reinvestment plan calculations, tax reports

    David McEwen

    David McEwen Sharesight Customer

  • It allows you to understand exactly how your investments are going

    Peter Naude

    Peter Naude Sharesight Customer

  • Sharesight is the best portfolio manager I've used

    Mike Deam

    Mike Deam Sharesight Customer

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