Performance Report

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight | Jul 8th 2008

The Performance Report is now available to users on the Sharesight Investor and Expert plans. The performance report shows similar information to the portfolio overview page, however it allows you to select both a start and end date so that you can view the performance of your portfolio over any date range.

As with other Sharesight pages you can switch between displaying dollar returns and annualised percentages. The new performance report can be found under the reports menu when logged into Sharesight.

Sharesight Performance Report

Track your TFSA with Sharesight3

Track your TFSA with Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Apr 11th 2024

You can easily track your Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) in Sharesight, in addition to your non-registered, RRSP, and RRIF accounts.

Top 50 finance & investing podcasts-2

Top 50 finance and investing podcasts in 2024

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Apr 7th 2024

The Sharesight team has put together a list of the top 50 investing, personal finance and business news podcasts worldwide.

product updates April 2024

Sharesight product updates – April 2024

by Ben Clendon | Apr 3rd 2024

This month we wrapped up a number of long-term projects, including security enhancements, additional broker support and our new holdings page.