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Auto-track your trades from Select Equities & Credit Suisse

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | Oct 1st 2015

We've added 2 more names to our ever-growing list of supported brokers for automatic trade tracking: Select Equities & Credit Suisse.

Select Equities & Credit Suisse - featured

Set up automatic trade tracking

Sharesight can automatically record your trades by reading the PDFs from Trade Confirmation Emails that are emailed to you by your broker after a trade has completed. By default, every Sharesight portfolio has a unique email address that is at the ready and "listening" for trades. You may either manually forward your Trade Confirmation Emails to this email address, or better yet, ask your broker to include it as a recipient when they send out the trade confirmation email. Once received, Sharesight will "read" the Trade Confirmation Email and automatically record the trade details into your portfolio. Once the trade has been successfully recorded into your portfolio, a copy of the PDF from the Trade Confirmation Email will be saved to the holding within your portfolio, and you'll receive a confirmation email from Sharesight.

With the addition of Select Equities & Credit Suisse, Sharesight currently processes Trade Confirmation Emails from over 90 brokers across Australia and New Zealand. If you don't see your broker in our list of supported brokers, please leave a comment on our community forum so we can gauge interest and work towards supporting them in the future.