Crypto + portfolio tracker

Track your cryptocurrency investments in the same award-winning online portfolio tracker as your investments in stocks, ETFs, and AU/CA/NZ/UK funds.

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Track the world’s leading cryptocurrencies with Sharesight

Tracking crypto holdings in an investment portfolio that also includes stocks, ETFs and other assets used to mean hours spent manually updating a custom spreadsheet. With Sharesight, you can track all of your investments in one place with automatic price and performance updates - so you can spend less time maintaining investment spreadsheets, and more time investing.
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Track all of your investments

Track the price, performance and tax implications of all of your investments in popular cryptocurrencies alongside over 240,000 stocks, ETFs and AU/CA/NZ/UK funds.
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Calculate your total return

See annualised performance metrics your crypto exchange doesn’t show you – calculate your total return including capital gains, dividends/income and FX fluctuations.
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Benchmark your portfolio

Compare your crypto portfolio performance against a world of investments – benchmark against any stock, ETF or fund in Sharesight’s database.
Start by tracking up to 10 holdings for free
Upgrade any time to track more holdings and unlock advanced features.

Powerful performance insights for crypto investors

Sharesight’s advanced reporting suite is designed by investors, for investors like you. Evaluate your portfolio performance, calculate your investment diversity, and track the performance contribution of your crypto holdings next to everything else in your portfolio so you can make smarter investment decisions today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Track investment performance over any period

Calculate the impact of capital gains and currency fluctuations on your crypto investment portfolio with the Performance Report. Break down your portfolio along a range of preset and custom dimensions to compare the performance of different asset classes, markets, and more – with historical investment data going back over 20 years.

Sharesight Report - Performance Report

Compare crypto returns over multiple periods

Measure the performance of your portfolio across up to 5 distinct or cumulative time periods with the Multi-Period Report. Compare your capital gains, payout gains and currency gains in percentage or monetary terms across different periods to understand the impact of investing decisions across time.

Sharesight Report - Multi-Period Report

Calculate your portfolio diversity

Track your asset allocation and calculate your portfolio diversity across FACTSET investment classifications or your own groupings with the Diversity Report. Quickly visualise how much of your portfolio is allocated in cryptocurrencies vs other assets and rebalance your portfolio to your target asset allocation.

Sharesight Report - Diversity Report

Understand the drivers of your performance

See how each of your investments contributes to your overall portfolio performance, and easily identify non-performers dragging your portfolio down with the Contribution Analysis Report.

Group the investments in your portfolio along the dimensions of your choice to compare performance across crypto vs stocks, different countries, industries, sectors and more.

Sharesight Report - Contribution Analysis Report

Start by tracking up to 10 holdings for free
Upgrade any time to track more holdings and unlock advanced features.

Get the most out of your crypto portfolio

Specify custom dimensions

Create your own Custom Groups to organise your holdings and specify your preferred methodology (great for crypto asset allocation reporting).

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Filter your holdings

Further organise your holdings and create custom filtered reports on specific subsets of crypto holdings, ie: BTC/ETH vs altcoins.

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View your wealth holistically

Invest across both personal and retirement accounts? See the complete picture by running reports across multiple portfolios.

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Report on any period

Run investment reports over preset timeframes, or any custom date range you choose, going back over 20 years.

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Export your reports

Download your reports to PDF, Excel or Google Sheets for additional analysis, sharing or safekeeping.

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Share your portfolio

Share secure portfolio access with your accountant, financial advisor or family members, with tiered permission levels.

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Investors love tracking their crypto + portfolios with Sharesight

Plans and pricing

Start by tracking up to 10 holdings for free!
Then upgrade to a premium plan at any time to track additional holdings or portfolios, and unlock advanced features.



1 portfolio
10 holdings
Limited reporting


$14.25/month billed yearly
(or $19/month)

1 portfolio
20 holdings
Limited reporting


$23.25/month billed yearly
(or $31/month)

4 portfolios
Unlimited holdings
Advanced reporting


$29.25/month billed yearly
(or $39/month)

10 portfolios
Unlimited holdings
Full reporting

Award-winning portfolio tracking

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Crypto tracking FAQs

Who is Sharesight’s cryptocurrency portfolio tracker suitable for?
Who is Sharesight’s cryptocurrency portfolio tracker suitable for?

With support for more than 200 global brokers and over 40 leading markets worldwide, Sharesight's portfolio tracker is designed for share market investors who want to track the price and performance of all of their assets in one place – from stocks, ETFs and funds to cryptocurrency, property and brokerage cash accounts.

What are the advantages of Sharesight's portfolio tracker for crypto investors?
What are the advantages of Sharesight's portfolio tracker for crypto investors?

With Sharesight, crypto investors can automatically track the price and performance of 8 leading cryptocurrencies alongside the rest of their investments. Investors will benefit from price updates every 5 minutes, with intraday crypto prices (in addition to intraday foreign exchange rates) provided through Open Exchange Rates' API. Other benefits include support for crypto exchange Independent Reserve, plus access to Sharesight's award-winning performance, tax reporting and powerful reports such as Performance, Portfolio Diversity, Contribution Analysis, Multi-Period and Multi-Currency Valuation.

How to keep track of your crypto investments in Sharesight
How to keep track of your crypto investments in Sharesight

To keep track of your crypto investments, you will first need to add them to a Sharesight portfolio. If you invest in one of the cryptocurrencies supported by Sharesight, you can simply add trades to your Sharesight portfolio through the manual ‘Add Holding' function. If you are invested in a cryptocurrency that Sharesight does not support, you can also track these trades by adding a Custom Investment to your portfolio.

Note: Crypto investors who trade via Independent Reserve can easily sync their historical and ongoing trades to a Sharesight portfolio using the Trade Confirmation Emails feature.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported by the Sharesight portfolio tracker?
Which cryptocurrencies are supported by the Sharesight portfolio tracker?

Sharesight supports automatic price updates for the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (XBT)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Dash (DAS)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Bitshare (BTS)
Investors can also track other cryptocurrencies manually by adding them as a Custom Investment in their Sharesight portfolio.

Is tracking my crypto with a portfolio tracker safe?
Is tracking my crypto with a portfolio tracker safe?

Sharesight is committed to keeping your data safe, including your cryptocurrency information. All data sent between you and our servers is encrypted using modern, industry standard Transport Layer Security (TLS). Sharesight's servers are located in enterprise-grade data centres that employ numerous physical security measures including 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance, on-site security staff and regular ongoing security audits. Sharesight is also independently audited on a regular basis to ensure that the IT security of our software meets best practice guidelines. For an additional layer of security, users are encouraged to enable 2-factor authentication.

What's the best way to track crypto trades for tax purposes?
What's the best way to track crypto trades for tax purposes?

If you are tracking your crypto assets for tax reporting purposes, you may choose to track crypto in the same Sharesight portfolio as the rest of your investments. This is suitable for investors who are primarily tracking shares, with a handful of crypto assets. However, investors who are tracking many different crypto assets may wish to create a separate crypto portfolio for added convenience at tax time.

One report investors (and their accountant) may find useful for crypto taxes is the All Trades Report, which provides a record of every trade in an investor's portfolio, broken down by key values such as price, brokerage, exchange rate, trade type and value. The ability to download this report or share portfolio access with an accountant also makes it easier than ever for crypto investors to prepare their tax return.

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