Automatically track all your dividends

going back up to 20 years, and updated as they’re announced

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View all your dividends

See a running list of all your dividends and distributions — over any time period.
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Understand your dividend yield

See the impact of dividends on your total return, both at the holding and portfolio level.
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Track your reinvested dividends

Easily track your DRPs/DRIPs and their impact on your portfolio performance and growth.

Swap your spreadsheet for Sharesight

Tracking your dividends used to be a hassle. Sharesight makes it easy.
Simplify your dividend tracking
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See the impact of your dividends

Sharesight makes it easy to see the impact of dividends (included reinvested dividends) on your performance returns.

Dividends Breakdown - USA : Sharesight

All your dividends, in one place

Use the Taxable Income Report to see a running total of all your dividends, over any time period, broken-up by local Canadian and foreign income.

Taxable Income Report - Canada : Sharesight

3 reasons why dividend tracking is crucial

Built for Canadian investors

Investors just like you use Sharesight to get all the info they need to file their CRA tax returns.

✔️ Tax residency

Set your portfolio currency to Canadian dollars and automatically track currency impacts for any foreign shares.

✔️ CRA tax entities

Choose your portfolio type – Non-Registered, RRSP, RRIF, or TFSA – and we’ll take care of the rest.

✔️ Tax year

The financial year for Canadian portfolios is set to 31 December, but you may edit it as required.

Never miss a dividend

Plan your future income with a handy Future Income Report that lists upcoming dividends, with the actual amounts predicted based on your current portfolio positions.

Future Income Report - CA : Sharesight

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