Automatically track all your dividends

going back up to 20 years, and updated as they’re announced

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View all your dividends

See a running list of all your dividends and distributions — over any time period.
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Understand your dividend yield

See the impact of dividends on your total return, both at the holding and portfolio level.
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Track your reinvested dividends

Easily track your DRPs/DRIPs and their impact on your portfolio performance and growth.

Swap your spreadsheet for Sharesight

Tracking your dividends used to be a hassle. Sharesight makes it easy.

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Simplify your dividend tracking
Try our award-winning portfolio tracker

See the impact of your dividends

Sharesight makes it easy to see the impact of dividends (included reinvested dividends) on your performance returns.

Dividends Breakdown - NZ : Sharesight

All your dividends, in one place

Use the Taxable Income Report to see a running total of all your dividends, distributions and interest payments over any time period, broken-up by local NZ and foreign income.

Taxable Income Report - NZ : Sharesight

3 reasons why dividend tracking is crucial

Built in NZ, for NZ investors

Investors just like you use Sharesight to get all the info they need to lodge their IRD tax returns.

✔️ Tax residency

Set your portfolio base currency to NZD, and automatically calculate currency fluctuations for any foreign shares.

✔️ IRD tax status

Set your portfolio tax status to Investor or Trader, and indicate your NZ Resident Withholding Tax Rate.

✔️ Financial year

By default, the end of financial year for New Zealand portfolios is 31 March, but you may edit it as required.

Never miss a dividend

Plan your future income with a handy Future Income Report that lists upcoming dividends, with the actual amounts predicted based on your current portfolio positions.

Future Income Report - NZ : Sharesight

🔎BONUS: Opt-in to email alerts, and get notified of corporate actions such as dividends and share splits as they’re announced.

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Sharesight Dividend Tracker FAQ

What is a dividend tracker?
What is a dividend tracker?

With Sharesight's dividend tracker software, dividend payments are automatically tracked in an investor’s portfolio. Investors can view their dividend income and dividend history at any time, see the impact of dividend yield on their returns, and track dividend reinvestment plans (DRPs) in their portfolio. Additional features include the ability to see upcoming dividend income with Sharesight’s Future Income Report, and opt-in to dividend alerts about upcoming announced dividends.

How do I track my dividends?
How do I track my dividends?

To track your dividends, first you will need to sign up for a Sharesight account. Once you have a Sharesight account, you can start adding trades to your portfolio by automatically forwarding trade confirmation emails from your brokerage account, uploading a spreadsheet file filled with trades, or entering your trades manually.

If you track dividend paying stocks in your portfolio, dividends and distributions will be automatically recorded. All you will need to do is confirm the dividend payments in your portfolio. This can be done by clicking into any holding that has an orange icon next to it (which signifies that you have unconfirmed transactions) and clicking ‘confirm automatic transaction’. Sharesight will automatically pull dividend income data such as tax credits, exchange rates and foreign source income, however to ensure accuracy it is recommended that you verify these figures using your paper or digital dividend statements.

How to make a dividend portfolio
How to make a dividend portfolio

It’s easy to track dividend paying stocks along with the rest of your investments in Sharesight. However, if you would like to create a separate portfolio for your dividend stocks, this can be done with Sharesight’s Investor or Expert plan, which allows users to have multiple portfolios. Alternatively, you may wish to apply an asset allocation framework to a singular portfolio, which can be done using Sharesight’s Custom Groups feature. Available on all Sharesight plans, this feature allows investors to group their investments by ‘themes’ in their portfolio.

How to grow a dividend portfolio?
How to grow a dividend portfolio?

Sharesight has a number of useful features designed to help investors reach their investment goals, including developing a dividend growth portfolio. For example, Sharesight users can easily view the dividend performance of stocks in their portfolio by seeing each stock’s overall dividend contribution on the Portfolio Overview page, or by clicking into individual stocks to see how much dividends contributed to the stock’s net total return.

Sharesight’s Auto Dividend Reinvestment feature (available for ASX and NZX stocks) is another useful feature that helps investors track their dividend reinvestment plans (DRPs), which is one key measure that many investors take to grow their dividend portfolio. Dividend reinvestments can be tracked for non-ASX and NZX stocks as well, simply by manually recording the dividend reinvestment when you add or edit a dividend payment in your portfolio. Investors searching for prospective dividend stocks will also benefit from Sharesight’s Share Checker tool, which allows investors to quickly view the performance of any stock, inclusive of dividends.

What are the benefits of a dividend portfolio tracker?
What are the benefits of a dividend portfolio tracker?
One of the main benefits of Sharesight’s dividend tracker is that it automatically tracks dividend income throughout the year. With all of their dividend information in one place, investors spend less time on tedious portfolio admin (especially at tax time) – leaving them with more time to spend on their investment decisions. Other benefits include the ability to see upcoming dividend income using Sharesight's Future Income Report, which helps investors plan their cash flow, along with the ability to track the impact of dividend reinvestment plans (DRPs).
Who is Sharesight's dividend tracker dividend tracker suitable for?
Who is Sharesight's dividend tracker dividend tracker suitable for?
Sharesight’s dividend payout tracker is suitable for all investors, whether their portfolio consists of dividend paying stocks or not. This is because with Sharesight, investors can track the price and performance of more than 170,000 stocks, ETFs and funds in over 36 global markets – giving investors around the world access to Sharesight’s award-winning performance, dividend tracking and tax reporting features.
Why choose Sharesight’s dividend portfolio tracker?
Why choose Sharesight’s dividend portfolio tracker?

With the ability to automatically track dividends and see the impact of dividends on your returns, Sharesight is the best free dividend tracker for self-directed investors. As a comprehensive online portfolio tracking solution, Sharesight also has a range of powerful features that extend beyond dividend tracking. For example, unlike the data provided by most brokers or basic portfolio trackers such as Yahoo Finance, Sharesight takes into account the impact of capital gains, dividends, brokerage fees and foreign exchange rates when calculating returns – providing investors with the full picture of their portfolio’s performance.

Investors will also benefit from Sharesight’s suite of advanced reports built for self-directed investors, including Performance, Portfolio Diversity, Contribution Analysis, Multi-Currency Valuation and Future Income (upcoming dividends). The ability to track cash accounts, property and even cryptocurrency is just another reason that investors should consider using Sharesight to track their investment portfolio.