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Tax reports built for investors like you. If you trade shares, ETFs, or even cash, you need Sharesight.

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Investment tax reports

Easily calculate the tax implications of investing across your entire portfolio with Sharesight’s investor reports.

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Dividend income tracking

Report income from dividend, distribution and interest payments for all your investments.

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Secure portfolio sharing

Share secure portfolio access and tax reports with your accountant to stay on top of your investment portfolio.

Your Sharesight subscription is tax deductible*

Pay before March 31 and claim your subscription expenses in your tax return.*Check with your accountant

Your Sharesight subscription may be tax deductible.

5 ways Sharesight helps NZ investors at tax time

5 ways Sharesight helps NZ investors at tax time

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5 ways Sharesight helps NZ investors2 (1)

Everything you need to calculate tax on your investments

With Sharesight, all your investment portfolio data lives in one place. You also have access to powerful reports that make it easy to calculate tax on your investments throughout the financial year.

Track all your investment income

Report your investment income from dividends, distributions and interest payments with the Taxable Income Report. With historical dividend data going back over 20 years, the report makes it easy to calculate both local (New Zealand) and foreign income. The report can be run at any time, over any time period to help you complete your taxes.

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Calculate your realized gains

Calculate your taxable capital gains if you’re classified as a “trader” by New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department (IRD) with the Traders Tax Report. Carry forward losses from previous reporting periods, plus model different sale allocation methods to optimise your net gain.


Assess your Foreign Investment Fund income

Know if you need to pay tax on income Foreign Investment Fund (FIF) classified investments according to the rules of New Zealand’s IRD with the FIF Report. If you exceed the FIF threshold (generally $50,000 for individuals), Sharesight will automatically calculate your FIF income using both the Fair Dividend Rate and Comparative Value methods for tax purposes.


We work with all your favourite brokers and apps

Sharesight integrates with hundreds of brokers and finance apps, including Sharesies, Hatch and Jarden Direct.

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Built in NZ, for NZ investors

Investors just like you use Sharesight to get all the info they need to lodge their IRD tax returns.

Tax residency

Automatically calculate currency fluctuations for any international (non-NZX) investments.

IRD tax rules

Set your portfolio tax status to Investor or Trader and indicate your NZ Resident Withholding Tax Rate.

NZ financial year

Set your tax year to match the New Zealand financial year ending 31 March to automate your tax reporting.

Don't just take our word for it

Over 400,000+ investors track their investments with Sharesight. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

Investment tax reporting FAQ

Are dividends taxable income?

Yes. Dividends are considered taxable income in New Zealand and must be reported in your income tax return. The rate at which dividends are taxed, however, depends on a variety of factors such as whether the dividends have imputation credits, whether resident withholding tax (RWT) has been applied, or whether the dividend has been paid by an overseas company. For more detailed information on reporting dividend income in your tax return, please refer to the IRD rules.

Are ETF distributions taxable income?

Yes. ETF distribution income is considered taxable income in New Zealand and must be reported in your income tax return. ETFs are classified as listed portfolio investment entities (PIEs), and any income received will be taxed at the investor’s Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR). For more information on ETFs and tax, please refer to the IRD rules.

How to calculate dividend income for tax returns?

Done manually, calculating taxable income from dividends can be a tedious process, requiring investors to sort through a combination of paper statements and digital statements via multiple share registries. However, Sharesight automates this process by automatically tracking dividends and distributions. Sharesight also makes it easy for investors to calculate the taxable income on their dividends by using Sharesight’s Taxable Income Report. This report displays a portfolio's dividends and interest payments, along with the relevant totals investors need to complete their tax return.

Is capital gains tax payable on investments in New Zealand?

No, there is no capital gains tax payable on investments in New Zealand.

How to calculate taxable gains on investments as a trader?

While there is no general capital gains tax in New Zealand, tax on gains may apply to investors trading shares when they purchase investments with the intention to sell them at a profit. In these situations, the investor may be classed as a “trader” by Inland Revenue. Sharesight makes it easy for share traders to calculate their taxable gains with the Traders Tax Report, which provides a summary of the investor’s capital gains and losses, including the option to change the sale allocation as needed. For more detailed information about taxable gains for traders, please refer to IRD rules.

What are foreign investment fund (FIF) taxes?

Foreign investment fund (FIF) taxes apply to New Zealand residents with certain offshore investments, such as foreign companies, unit trusts, superannuation schemes or life insurance policies. FIF income is considered taxable income, however there are various exemptions that will affect the specific tax implications for investors, as well as a variety of methods that are used to calculate FIF income. Please refer to the IRD for more information.

How to calculate foreign investment fund income?

While Inland Revenue supplies an online calculator to determine whether you have FIF income, these calculations can be quite complex. For a quick and easy way to calculate FIF income, NZ investors on a Sharesight Expert or Pro plan can run their own FIF Report in just a few clicks.

Who is Sharesight’s Taxable Income Report suitable for?

Sharesight’s Taxable Income Report is designed for investors looking for a complete list of the dividends and interest they earned over the time period of their choice. It is a useful tool for investors who need to prepare their tax return, including investors who invest in foreign markets and need a breakdown of their local and foreign dividend income.

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