5 ways Sharesight helps NZ investors at tax time

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | May 8th 2021

Because Sharesight was built with Kiwi investors in mind from the very start, it’s an essential tool for NZ investors. This is especially true at tax time, when Sharesight’s comprehensive tax reports (built according to IRD rules) save investors time, money... and surprises.

Read on to learn about the 5 ways Sharesight can help you this tax season.

5 ways Sharesight helps NZ investors2 (1)

Sharesight's investment portfolio tax features

With all your dividends automatically captured and in one place, Sharesight makes tax time a breeze. Here are a few more features that will save you both time and money this tax season:

  1. New Zealand tax settings
  2. Taxable income report
  3. Foreign investment fund report
  4. Traders tax report
  5. Secure portfolio sharing

1. New Zealand tax settings

Investors with a Sharesight portfolio tax residency set to “New Zealand” have a choice of the following tax settings which conform to Inland Revenue Department (IRD) tax reporting rules: Investor or Trader. You can also set your NZ Resident Withholding Tax Rate. For more information, check out our help page: Tax Residency of a Portfolio.

NZ tax residency Sharesight portfolio

2. Taxable income report

The taxable income report is also very useful this time of year as it breaks down all dividends over any time period, organised by local/overseas income and separates out withholding tax and imputation credits from the net dividend.

taxable income report New Zealand

3. Foreign investment fund report

Kiwi investors who have certain types of overseas investments may have FIF income. And while the IRD has an online tool that lets you check if you are required to do anything under the FIF rules, if you determine that you do, the actual calculations can get quite complicated. The good news is that investors on a Sharesight NZ Expert or Sharesight NZ's professional plan plan can run their own FIF Report in just a few clicks. This allows you to:

  1. Determine which of your holdings are subject to FIF
  2. Determine whether you exceed the FIF threshold amount (generally $50,000 for individuals)
  3. Calculate your FIF income under both the Fair Dividend Rate Method and Comparative Value Method

FIF report New Zealand tax

For more info, see: How to calculate your NZ FIF income

4. Traders tax report

Another report built specifically for NZ investors is the traders tax report. It calculates taxable gains for individuals who hold shares on revenue account (who are classified as “traders” by the IRD). The report allows you to carry-over losses from the previous period and lets you select from various sale allocation methods (first in first out, first in last out, minimise capital gain, or maximise capital gain). The report is available to anyone on a Sharesight NZ Expert or Sharesight NZ's professional plan plan.

Traders tax report New Zealand

5. Secure portfolio sharing

Another essential tax time feature is the ability to share your portfolio. Rather than printing-out and forwarding your Sharesight tax reports, you can securely share portfolio access directly with your accountant and/or financial advisor. With all your portfolio data in one place, they’ll have everything they need to prepare your tax documents. Available on all Sharesight plans, portfolio sharing ensures everyone’s on the same page and focusing on what really matters – not just at tax time but throughout the year.

We have been using this great app for several years. It makes it easy to review portfolio performance, keep track of income and manage those awful FIF calculations at tax time. The subscription is easily recovered in time savings at year end...


Sharesight makes tax time easy for NZ investors

By compiling all your portfolio data in one place, Sharesight eliminates the paper-chase and headaches normally associated with performance and tax reporting.

To get started, simply sign up for a FREE Sharesight account to get started, then try Sharesight's:

  • Traders tax report – Calculates taxable gains for individuals who hold shares on revenue account (i.e. they are classified as traders by the IRD)

  • Diversity report – Shows how your portfolio is diversified across various groupings, at a chosen point in time

  • Benchmarking – Enables you to select any ETF in the Sharesight database to compare against a holding or your overall portfolio

  • Contribution analysis report – Explains the drivers behind your portfolio’s performance, such as stock selection, asset allocation, or exposure to certain countries, sectors, or industries

Plus, if you upgrade your Sharesight subscription may be tax deductible1. Sign up today to get started.



1If you are a New Zealand tax resident and you derive income from the share market, your Sharesight subscription may be tax deductible. Check with your accountant for details.

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