5 ways to get the most out of Sharesight's taxable income report

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Jan 28th 2024
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Designed to help individual investors complete their tax return, Sharesight’s taxable income report lists all dividend, distribution and interest payments received during a selected period. This makes it a convenient way for investors to keep detailed records of the income earned from their investments. The report includes a range of useful features for global investors, such as the ability to select custom date ranges, split income into different components and edit payouts, as well as some more advanced features.

Taxable income report

To find out more about how Sharesight’s taxable income report helps global investors stay on top of their investment income, keep reading.

1. Custom date ranges

The taxable income report allows investors to view all income for their investments over any specified period of time. For example, users may wish to view their income over the previous financial year for tax reporting purposes, or over a longer period to track their long-term dividend performance.

Sharesight taxable income report choose date

Users can select a period of their choice to assess their investment income.

2. Split income into different components

The report splits investment income into Local Income and Foreign Income. This is done to mimic tax reporting, where (depending on the country) these income categories can be taxed at different rates, and therefore have different components that need to be recorded.

Sharesight Taxable Income Report local and foreign income

An example of a Swedish portfolio with local and foreign investment income.

3. Advanced options

Show comments

By enabling this feature you can display any comments associated with a payout. For example, if you added comments to flag any payouts that need verification with your accountant, these will be visible on the Taxable Income Report. If a user has not added any comments to a holding, enabling comments will display the company’s dividend price per share, which is the default comment on all payouts. Comments will also be visible if you choose to export the report into another format such as a spreadsheet.

Taxable Income Report dividend comments

A comment displaying the dividend price per share for an individual payout.

Show holding totals

This feature provides a more detailed view of your investment income by displaying the dividend or distribution values across all payouts during the selected period for a single investment. This allows Sharesight users to clearly see how each payout has contributed to their income for the investments in their portfolio.

Taxable income report show holding totals

An example of a portfolio with payouts that add up to an annual distribution amount of SEK7700.

4. Edit payouts directly

By clicking on a payout, Sharesight users can directly edit the individual components within that payout. Depending on the tax residency of the user, as well as the classification of the payout, components may include values such as tax deducted, tax credit, franking credits, capital gains tax and foreign tax. If a user finds that any of these components are listed incorrectly, it is a quick and easy process to update the values and ensure all records are accurate.

Sharesight edit dividend payout2

Sharesight users can easily verify and edit the individual components of payouts in their taxable income report.

5. Export to a spreadsheet or PDF

Another handy feature of the Taxable Income Report is the ability to export it to Google Sheets or an XLS or PDF file. This is useful if you want to view the report in another format or share it with your accountant for further modifications.

Sharesight – the perfect tool for global investors

Sharesight was built for the needs of global investors like you. Not only is it a helpful tool for tax reporting, but with Sharesight you can:

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