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Simplify your self managed super fund administration with an award-winning online SMSF portfolio tracker and reporting software built for Australian investors.

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Track all your SMSF asset types

Track price and performance data on over 500,000 global shares, ETFs and managed funds, plus unlisted assets such as property.

More than just SMSF tracking

Track your performance and calculate tax implications across both your personal and SMSF investment portfolios.

Run tax reports for SMSFs

Run reports built for SMSF trustees including asset allocation, investment income, franking credits, and capital gains tax.

“How I manage my SMSF with Sharesight”

Find out how self-directed investor Andrew Bird uses Sharesight to manage his SMSF.

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Everything you need to track your SMSF and personal investments

With Sharesight, all your investment data lives in one place. Track both your SMSF and personal investment portfolios and access powerful reports that make it easy to calculate both your investment performance and tax.

Understand your SMSF performance

Dive deeper into the performance of your SMSF asset allocation strategy using Sharesight’s Contribution Analysis Report, which shows you the contribution of each asset class to the overall performance of your portfolio.

Group the investments in your portfolio along the dimensions of your choice to compare performance across different countries, industries, sectors and more.

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Calculate your capital gains tax

Calculate your capital gains on investments as per Australian Tax Office (ATO) rules with the Capital Gains Tax Report. You can also optimise your tax position by comparing sales allocation methods and parcel cost bases.

Swap your spreadsheet for Sharesight

Managing your SMSF portfolio used to involve manually updating a spreadsheet and hours spent with your accountant. Online SMSF portfolio management tools like Sharesight make it easy.

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Built for Canadian investors

Investors just like you use Sharesight to get all the info they need to report investment income to file tax returns with the CRA.

Tax residency

Set your portfolio currency to Canadian dollars and automatically track currency impacts for any non-Canadian stocks.

CRA tax entities

Choose your portfolio type from a range of CRA tax entities - Non-Registered, RRSP, RRIF, or TFSA.

CA tax year

Set your tax year to match the Canadian financial year ending 31 December, to automate your tax reporting.

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How one couple saves time and money using Sharesight

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How SMSF trustees can get EOFY-ready

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The importance of asset allocation tracking for SMSFs

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Feb 4th 2021

Like all investments, it’s critical to track the performance of and distributions earned by exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in your portfolio.

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Are you an accountant?

Sharesight’s professional SMSF accounting software is the perfect fit for you and your clients. Find out more about the professional offering on our accountants page.



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Don't just take our word for it

Over 400,000+ investors track their investments with Sharesight. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

SMSF Portfolio Tracker FAQs

Who is Sharesight’s SMSF portfolio management software suitable for?

Sharesight’s online portfolio tracker is designed for the needs of self-directed investors, including self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) trustees. With Sharesight, investors can effortlessly track all of their investments in one place, including investments across asset classes, markets, currencies, share registries and brokers. This makes it easy for SMSF trustees to track their personal investments in the same place they track their SMSF, and gives trustees the data they need to prepare annual returns and file SMSF tax paperwork.

How do I track SMSF investments with Sharesight?

It’s easy to track your SMSF investments in Sharesight, once you have signed up for an account and created an SMSF portfolio, you can simply import your investments via our Trade Confirmation Email feature, spreadsheet file importer or manually enter your trades. Once your SMSF investments have been added to your portfolio, your performance will automatically be tracked, including all dividends and distributions, franking credits and currency fluctuations.

SMSF admin & reporting features in Sharesight:
  • Tax settings for SMSFs: Sharesight automatically applies the correct CGT discount rate for SMSFs at the portfolio level.
  • Taxable Income Report: Determine your SMSF’s taxable income with a breakdown of any dividends, distributions, franking credits and interest payments you earned throughout the financial year.
  • Capital Gains Tax Report: Automatically calculate capital gains for your SMSF tax return according to the ATO’s SMSF tax rules.
  • Unrealised Capital Gains Tax Report: View all of your SMSF portfolio’s unrealised capital gains to explore various tax loss selling scenarios and make informed investment decisions.
  • All Trades Report: Verify your records by viewing a list of all buy and sell trades made in your SMSF portfolio over any selected period.
  • Historical Cost Report: Prepare your SMSF’s annual reporting with the ability to compare the market value and historical cost of your SMSF portfolio over any selected period.
  • Diversity Report: Determine the diversification and asset allocation of your SMSF portfolio to help evaluate your SMSF investing strategy, rebalance your portfolio to meet your SMSF’s diversification requirements and prepare your annual reports.
  • Future Income Report: Project your SMSF’s cash flow by tracking upcoming announced dividends.
  • Xero integration: Connect your Sharesight and Xero accounts to sync details of your trades and dividend payments to Xero, plus reconcile transactions against your SMSF bank account, including superannuation contributions.
Does Sharesight’s SMSF tool help with Australian tax reporting?

Sharesight’s online portfolio tracker is a cost-effective platform designed to help investors prepare their Australian tax return and meet their SMSF reporting requirements. Tax reporting tools such as the Taxable Income Report and Capital Gains Tax Report are useful for investors who need an SMSF software that will give them a breakdown of all the dividends/distributions, franking credits, interest payments and capital gains they have incurred in their SMSF portfolio. SMSF trustees can also download these reports to share with their accountant, or even securely share access to their Sharesight portfolio - so your accountant sees the exact same thing you do.

How to track net wealth position and investment performance across SMSF and personal portfolios?

With Sharesight, you can track everything from stocks and ETFs to managed funds, brokerage cash accounts, property and cryptocurrency – all in one place. This means you can clearly see the full picture of your performance (and your net wealth). Simply separate your personal investments and SMSF investments into different portfolios, making it easier to track the performance of your portfolios individually (as well as the tax implications). It’s also easy to see your wealth and performance across multiple Sharesight portfolios by creating a Consolidated View, which amalgamates the stocks, ETFs and funds across all of your portfolios into one “view”, which you can access in your Portfolio Overview page, as well as throughout the majority of Sharesight reports.