Track your brokerage cash account alongside your investments

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Jan 24th 2022

Using Sharesight, you can easily track the cash held in your brokerage account along with the rest of your investments – giving you a clear picture of your cash flow and showing you the amount of investable cash you have available at any given time. Investors who use Xero will benefit from the ability to integrate Sharesight with any bank or brokerage cash accounts using Xero bank feeds, making it easy to track cash balances and display reconciled trades and payouts automatically. Sharesight's professional users can also take advantage of our integration with Macquarie CMA. To learn more about how investors can benefit from using Sharesight’s Cash Account feature, keep reading.

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What is a cash account?

An investor’s "cash account" is an account held by their broker, where investors deposit money when they intend to trade. The broker will use funds in the cash account when an investor buys shares, mutual funds, or other investments on offer. This cash account is also the account a broker will deposit the proceeds from any sales made or dividends received.

How does the Sharesight Cash Account work?

The Sharesight Cash Account feature is available to Sharesight users on Investor, Expert and Professional plans. To add a Cash Account to your Sharesight portfolio, simply click on the ‘Add Holding’ dropdown menu on the Portfolio Overview page and select ‘Add Cash Account’. From there you can specify the name and currency of the Cash Account which will be tied to the portfolio (including its tax residency). You also have the option to connect a Xero account (for Investor, Expert or Pro users) or a Macquarie CMA account (for Pro users).

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Once you have added transactions to the account, you can view the balance of the account at a glance on your Portfolio Overview page.

Note: The value of your Cash Account is included when calculating your portfolio’s value, but does not impact the percentage return figure.

Automatically sync Cash Account transactions to your portfolio

Sharesight users can automatically sync transactions to a Cash Account/s, provided that the currency matches their portfolio currency. To enable this feature, simply click the ‘Settings’ tab and choose ‘Basic details’. You will have the option to elect a Cash Account to automatically sync buy and sell trades, as well as a Cash Account to automatically sync payouts (dividends and distributions).

Sharesight cash account settings 2

Investors may choose to elect different Cash Accounts for trades and payouts, or they can elect the same Cash Account, as seen in the example above.

To sync historical transactions to your Cash Account, or to remove synced transactions, simply click into the Cash Account, select ‘Manage Synced Trades & Payouts’ and choose the relevant date range.

Why should investors track their cash accounts with Sharesight?

With Sharesight, investors can easily track their cash accounts alongside investments across multiple global markets, brokers and asset classes. Tracking a cash account helps you monitor the movement of your money (cash flow) into and out of your portfolio, and allows you to see your investable cash at any given moment. This gives you the complete picture of your investments including the value of cash you have on hand that is not fully invested. Investors who track Cash Accounts in their portfolio will also benefit from the ability to leverage Sharesight’s powerful suite of performance and tax reporting tools.

Determine your asset allocation

Sharesight’s Diversity Report is an easy way for investors to determine their asset allocation and evaluate their investing strategy. The screenshot below, for instance, shows a portfolio with a 59.68% weight in ordinary shares; 32.29% ETFs; 4.53% currency investments; and 3.50% cash. Should the investor feel that they are overweight in ordinary shares and underweight in cash, for example, they can rebalance their portfolio as necessary.

Sharesight diversity report cash accounts 3

An example of the Diversity Report, sorted by investment type, being used to determine an investor’s asset allocation.

Track all of your investments in one place with Sharesight

Thousands of global investors are using Sharesight to track the performance of all of their investments in one place. If you’re not already using Sharesight, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Sharesight so you can:

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