View and export your trading history with the All Trades Report

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Mar 18th 2021

Sharesight’s All Trades Report makes it easy to view your trading history at a glance over any chosen period. The report provides investors with a list of all buy and sell trades made over the selected date range, with the ability to classify trades by market, currency, country and a range of other factors. This information can also be exported into a range of different file formats, making it a convenient way to share your trading history with your accountant or financial advisor.

All trades report (1)

To learn more about how to make the most of Sharesight’s All Trades Report, keep reading.

1. View your trading history at a glance

The All Trades Report is the perfect way to view your trading history at a glance. The report generates a list of your trading activity including key information such as the trade date, trade type (buy, sell or adjustment), quantity of shares traded, price and brokerage fees, exchange rate and trade value. This is helpful for investors looking for a way to break down the cost base of a particular basket of trades.

Note: Adjustment trades include stock splits, bonus issues, consolidations, cancellations, return of capital, mergers and adjusted cost base transactions. To view these trades, simply toggle on ‘include adjustments’ at the top of the page.

All trades report buy sell and adjustment trades 1 The All Trades Report used on a UK portfolio, including buy, sell and adjustment trades.

2. Run the report over any date range

The All Trades Report allows Sharesight users to download their trading history over any custom date range. The screenshot below, for example, shows the report being filtered over the previous financial year. This would be useful for investors sending the report to their accountant for tax reporting purposes.

All Trades Report custom dates 2 An example showing the All Trades Report filtered over the previous financial year.

3. Choose your grouping classifications

With the All Trades Report, investors can choose to group their trades by a range of classifications, including:

  • Market

  • Currency

  • Sector

  • Industry

  • Investment type

  • Country

  • No group

  • Custom groups

The screenshot below, for instance, shows the report filtered by currency. This is especially useful for global investors who need this data for tax reporting, as it allows you to easily evaluate the impact of foreign exchange rates on your trades.

All trades report overview 3

The All Trades Report used on a UK portfolio with global trades, filtered by currency.

4. Easily share your trading history with your accountant

Another convenient feature of the All Trades Report is the ability to export this data to share it with your accountant or financial advisor, who may wish to enter your data into an alternative accounting system. To make this easier, Sharesight allows you to export the report to different file formats such as Google Sheets, an XLS spreadsheet or PDF file.

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