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Life Sherpa

Life Sherpa is Australia's most affordable financial advice service. They believe that everyone deserves to benefit from sound financial advice, whoever they are, wherever they live or work, and whatever they earn own or owe.

For one low annual subscription, Life Sherpa puts a licensed human financial adviser (your Sherpa) in your pocket, with no extra hidden costs. Combining the best of technology with the comfort and encouragement of a human, Life Sherpa makes getting the most from your money easy.

Their online tools help you assess your situation, identify and prioritise areas for improvement and connect with your own personal financial adviser.

How Life Sherpa works with Sharesight

Sharesight and Life Sherpa have partnered to improve the way investors achieve their financial goals. By connecting Sharesight and Life Sherpa, members can see all of their financial investments in one place. It also gives your Sherpa access to your share trading history and tax position so it can be considered in delivering the best advice for your circumstances.