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Common trade confirmation email errors

Occasionally an error can occur and a trade may not be able to be imported via your broker's contract note using the Trade Confirmation Emails feature.

If a trade is unable to be imported and you have selected to receive trade confirmation notification emails, you will receive an email from Sharesight containing the failure reason and an error message. If notification emails are not turned on, you can view the status of a trade in the Trade Confirmation Email Inbox.

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Common errors & solutions

Processing Error Message: Failed to parse file <[Trade confirmation PDF name]>.

Reasons: Brokers from time to time change their trade confirmation design and layout. Sharesight has set up support for your broker's current design; please take this into consideration when trying to import older trade confirmations.

Sending an email with multiple brokers’ trade confirmations.

The email and trade confirmation attachment(s) exceed 10MB.

Solutions: If your broker has changed their trade confirmation format and design, please contact us and provide an example of the new trade confirmation.

Only send one broker’s trade confirmation(s) per email. If you have multiple trade confirmations from multiple brokers, send them in different emails.

If your email and trade confirmation attachment(s) exceed 10MB, split the email in to multiple emails to decrease the email size.

Unknown Broker Error Message: Unable to match a supported broker

Reason: We are unable to identify the broker. This could be because the email did not contain the broker’s name in the sent email address, subject line or message body, or we currently do not support your broker’s trade confirmations.

Solution: Ensure that the broker is on the list of supported brokers.

If your broker is not on the list, contact us via chat and we can look to support your broker. Please send us examples of buy and sell trade confirmations (the more the better), the email address the broker sends them from and the subject line of the emails.

If your broker is on the list, resend the email with the broker’s name in the email’s subject line.

Validation Error Message: Duplicate Trade Confirmation Found - Contract Number: [Trade Confirmation number]

Reason: You have two trade Confirmationc with the same number in your portfolio. To stop the duplication of trades, Sharesight will not add the trade from the second trade confirmation.

Solution: Within the trade confirmation inbox, view the duplicate trade confirmation that was previously processed, and compare it to the second imported trade confirmation. If needed, you can add any outstanding trades manually.

Validation Error Message: Trade failed to import for the following reasons: Quantity must be greater than zero*

Reason: The trade does not have a share quantity above zero. Sharesight requires a quantity of shares to add the trades.

Solution: Manually add the trade including the quantity of shares sold or bought of the holding.

Validation Error Message: Unit Price: Infinity is not valid

Reason: The trade does not have a share quantity. Sharesight requires a quantity of shares to add the trades.

Solution: Manually add the trade including the quantity of shares sold or bought of the holding.

No PDF Attachment Error Message: Email received with missing PDF attachment

Reason: Sometimes brokers send out other emails, e.g. newsletters to their email database, or a spam email has been received.

Solution: This error can usually be ignored. Spam emails are usually not a problem provided that your unique portfolio email address is kept private, however if you do have a problem with spam emails, please contact us.

Validation Error Message: Unable to sell more shares than are owned in [holding]

Reason: A sell trade cannot be imported because there is no previous buy trades recorded in the holding. Adding only a sell trade to a holding would result in a negative quantity of shares being held, which Sharesight does not support.

Solution Fix the problem in your portfolio by manually adding or adjusting trades in the holding, so the sell trade will not result in a negative amount of shares in the holding. Then reprocess the transaction by re-forwarding the broker Trade Confirmation to your portfolio email address.