Alternatives tracker

Track your alternative investments in the same award-winning online portfolio tracker as your investments in stocks, ETFs, and managed/mutual funds.

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Track your alternative investments and other holdings with Sharesight

Tracking alternative holdings in an investment portfolio that also includes stocks, ETFs and other assets used to mean hours spent manually updating a custom spreadsheet. With Sharesight, you can track all of your investments in one place with automatic price and performance updates – so you can spend less time maintaining investment spreadsheets, and more time investing.
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Automatically track the price and performance of 240,000 stocks, ETFs and managed/mutual funds.
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Track your cash account, as well as over 100 global currencies and top cryptocurrencies.
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Track the value of your home, investment properties, and other real estate holdings.
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Private equity

Track your private equity and venture capital investments.
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Private debt

Keep track of the private debt, private credit, and P2P loans you’ve taken on.
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Hedge funds

Track the hedge funds and pooled investment funds you’ve invested into.
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Track commodities, including gold and other precious metals.
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Structured products

Track structured products and market-linked investments.
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Keep track of your collectibles, including coins, fine art, wine, and automobiles.
Start by tracking up to 10 holdings for free
Upgrade any time to track more holdings and unlock advanced features.

Swap your investment spreadsheet for Sharesight

Managing your investment portfolio used to involve hours spent manually updating a spreadsheet. Online investment portfolio tools like Sharesight make it easy.

Get the most out of your portfolio

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See your total return

Calculate your total annualised return including capital gains, dividends and currency fluctuations.
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Track your dividend income

Report income from dividend, distribution and interest payments for all your investments.
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Benchmark your performance

Compare your investments against any stock, ETF or managed/mutual fund in Sharesight’s database.
Start by tracking up to 10 holdings for free
Upgrade any time to track more holdings and unlock advanced features.

Powerful investment performance & tax reports

Sharesight’s advanced reporting suite is designed by investors, for investors like you. Evaluate your portfolio performance, calculate your investment diversity, and track the performance contribution of your alternative holdings next to everything else in your portfolio so you can make smarter investment decisions today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Track your returns over any period

Calculate the impact of capital gains, dividends and currency fluctuations on your portfolio with the Performance Report. Break down your performance along a range of preset and custom dimensions including country, market, industry and more. Compare how different investments perform within your portfolio and add custom labels to further filter the report.

Sharesight Report - Performance Report

Visualise your portfolio diversity

Track your asset allocation and calculate your portfolio diversity across FACTSET investment classifications or your own groupings with the Diversity Report. Quickly visualise how much of your portfolio is allocated in Alternatives vs other assets and rebalance your portfolio to your target asset allocation.

Sharesight Report - Diversity Report

Track all your investment income

Report your investment income from dividends, distributions and interest payments, broken-up by local Australian (non-trust and trust) income and foreign income with the Taxable Income Report.

Built for Australian investors, the report includes all franking credits earned during the financial year. With historical dividend data going back over 20 years the report can be run at any time, over any time period to help you complete your tax return.

Taxable Income Report AU 2020

Calculate your capital gains tax

Calculate your capital gains on investments as per Australian Tax Office (ATO) rules with the Capital Gains Tax Report. You can also optimise your tax position by comparing sales allocation methods and parcel cost bases.

CGT Report AU 2021

Offset your capital gains

Take advantage of tax loss selling by using the Unrealised CGT Report to model the net capital gains tax that would occur across your portfolio by selling down a mix of investments in your portfolio. With the ability to modify the CGT sale allocation method for each investment sold, you can optimise your capital gains tax position across your portfolio.

Unrealised CGT Report AU 2016

Don’t just take our word for it

Over 300,000 investors track their investments with Sharesight. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

Plans and pricing

Start by tracking up to 10 holdings for free!
Then upgrade to a premium plan at any time to track additional holdings or portfolios, and unlock advanced features.
And as a bonus, your Sharesight subscription may be tax deductible.



1 portfolio
10 holdings
Limited reporting


$19/month billed yearly
(or $25.33/month)

1 portfolio
20 holdings
Limited reporting


$29/month billed yearly
(or $38.67/month)

4 portfolios
Unlimited holdings
Advanced reporting


$49/month billed yearly
(or $65.33/month)

10 portfolios
Unlimited holdings
Full reporting

Award-winning portfolio tracking

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If you are an Australian tax resident and you derive income from the sharemarket, your Sharesight subscription may be tax deductible. Check with your accountant for details.