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Announcing Custom Groups

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | May 23rd 2016

The lens through which an investor views their portfolio varies based on their objectives, investment philosophy, and even where they live. That's why we've built a new feature that allows clients to fully customise how their Sharesight portfolio holdings are grouped.

Custom Groups - Featured

Custom Groups is a user-driven option and is available in addition to the standard Market, Country, Sector, Industry, and Investment Type options.

You'll find Custom Groups within Account Settings > My Custom Groups: Custom Groups #1 - Sharesight Custom Groups #2 - Sharesight

Once you've customised your groups we recommend applying them to the Portfolio Overview and Performance Report pages:

Custom Groups #3 - Sharesight

And definitely the Diversity Report, which will show you asset allocation on your terms:

Custom Groups #4 - Sharesight