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How to confirm your trades with the Contract Notes Inbox

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Mar 11th 2016

Using our Trade Confirmation Emails feature to automatically import your on-going trades is the best way to keep your portfolio up to date. But there are occasions when Sharesight might not be able to process your contract notes.

This is where the Trade Confirmation Emails Inbox feature comes in handy. It allows you to review the contract notes your broker has sent to Sharesight and see which ones have worked and which ones have failed – and why they failed. While you’re there, you may also download the Trade Confirmation Emails / contract note PDF attachments that were sent to Sharesight. So by checking the Contract Notes Inbox, you can double-check that your trades are being received by Sharesight, and easily troubleshoot any issues that may have occurred.

Contract Note Inbox - Featured

In addition to bringing to light your performance as an investor, our aim is also to provide a necessary record-keeping feature. The more information you store in Sharesight, the more automated your admin will become, and the less reliant you’ll be on third parties like registries and brokers.

Notes on using the contract notes feature

  • Sharesight processes PDFs from Trade Confirmation Emails from over 100 supported brokers.
  • If you trade via a Sharesight Connect broker partner (such as CMC Markets Stockbroking or Direct Broking) you can link your trading account to Sharesight instead of relying on contract notes.