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Introducing enhanced staff sharing permissions for Pro partners

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | May 8th 2015

If you're using Sharesight Pro and you haven't explored the Staff menu on the Dashboard then you're not realising the full value of your subscription.

Staff Sharing Permissions - Sharesight Pro

The Staff feature allows you to create as many logins for your colleagues as you need, while controlling who can do what.

It's important to understand that the Staff feature is far more enhanced than simply sharing a portfolio with someone else (which should be used for client access) and our "Recommend Sharesight to a friend" link, which is a basic referral mechanism.

Previously, the Staff feature allowed you to create a staff login to your Sharesight Dashboard and then give that person permission to: fully control the account, manage the account billing, create new portfolios, and be the Sharesight Champion for training purposes.

As we've grown, we've learnt that some of our professional clients also need a way to dictate which portfolios that staff member can and cannot see — so that's what we've built. This is particularly useful for:

  1. Accounting or financial advice firms who need to limit portfolio access to a particular office (e.g. Sydney versus Melbourne) for compliance reasons
  2. Firms who need to limit portfolio access to a particular partner, adviser, or team (e.g. John Smith's clients versus Joe Wilson's clients)
  3. Clients of Sharesight Pro who also wish to maintain their personal portfolios on their Pro account (e.g. I love Sharesight, and I want to add my own portfolios, but don't want my colleagues seeing my personal information)

Now you'll find a new "Portfolio Access" option within the Staff section, where you can choose whether your colleagues have access to: all portfolios, some portfolios, or no portfolios.

  • Someone with all portfolio access is usually the owner of the firm, managing partner, or boss.
  • Someone with some portfolio access might be an accounting associate or member of an admin team responsible for those clients.
  • And someone with no access to portfolios might manage billing and subscriptions or be responsible for software training.

Finally, if you manage lots of portfolios on Sharesight, we've also introduced a portfolio name search feature, which will populate the names of portfolios as you type their names.

Staff Sharing Permissions - Sharesight Pro