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Xero award winners roundtable

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Sep 16th 2014

Recently, we were invited to participate in a Xero Award Winners roundtable by Add-On Success. The roundtable included other Xero Add-On winners: Receipt Bank, Float, Crowe Horwath, CFM Bookkeeping, Twomeys, 5Ways Group, and Wealth Enhancers. The discussion was a refreshing, free-flowing chat, and a rare opportunity to hear not only from Add-On partners, but also from professional firms using Xero.

Sharesight Xero Award Winner - featured

We'll let you come up with your own takeaways, but for us the overriding theme was "just do it." In the case of the Add-Ons, your product will never be 100% finished. Nor will ever be perfect. Instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity or for your product to catch up to the market, just get it out there and iterate based on client feedback.

Surprisingly, the accounting and bookkeeping firms had similar advice for businesses thinking about moving into the cloud. They indicated that the automation gained from using Xero and the Add-Ons far outweighed the cost of remaining offline - even throughout a transition period. This is something we explain to prospective Sharesight Pro clients all the time. Changing to a new process can be difficult, but try to measure the automation gained from an application like Sharesight versus the old, offline method in terms of billable hours wasted.