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How do you get started in the share market? Education!

by Martin Dowse, NZSA Wellington Branch Chair | Nov 19th 2017

As a Sharesight client (and investor), and a long-time member of the NZ Shareholders Association (NZSA), I often get asked "how do I get started investing in the sharemarket?"

When you boil it down there are three things you need to know:

  1. What shares to buy
  2. How to buy them, and
  3. How to monitor your shares and your performance as an investor

What shares to buy?

The “what shares to buy” question is the hard one.

While the NZSA can't tell you what shares to buy, we can give you the tools to work it out for yourself. Foremost amongst the tools are the education courses we run periodically for both NZSA members and non-members, the branch meeting we run throughout the year where you can hear presentations from companies and people in the industry and talk with other investors, and the members section of the NZSA website.

How to buy & track the performance of your shares?

The questions “how to buy shares” and “how to track your shares and performance as an investor” questions are easier to answer.

NZSA Wellington Martin Dowse Sharesight

The NZSA Wellington branch recently ran a two hour course called "how to buy shares and easily track them". It was a workshop-style session where we answered the questions of how to buy and sell shares by using the online trading platforms of ASB Securities (and Direct Broking), and how to use Sharesight to manage and track the performance of your investment portfolio.

We have been using Sharesight for years now. Much better than the spreadsheets it replaced. If you are an investor you need Sharesight.
Martin Dowse, NZSA Wellington Branch Chair and Sharesight Client

Featured NZSA Sharesight Demonstration Martin Dowse

The event was very popular and attendees felt better equipped to start and manage their own share portfolio afterwards. As a result we will be running the course for other NZSA branches, starting with Auckland and Waikato in early 2018.

For more information and to be the first to know when an event is coming to a NZSA branch near you, visit the NZ Shareholders Association website.