Where Sharesight fits in FinTech Australia’s ecosystem map

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Jun 22nd 2017
Update: Fintech Australia has released an updated version of the Fintech Australia member ecosystem map, which now includes 162 fintech startups an increase of 43 over the original map. We've updated the image below to reflect the latest version of the map (you can find the original still here).

The team at Sharesight is excited by Australia’s fintech industry body releasing their first member ecosystem map. The map illustrates where the 119 members fit within the Australian fintech ecosystem and how the various sub-sectors overlap and connect.

“The map is arguably the best visual representation yet of our fintech industry, which is the largest startup sub-sector in Australia according to the most recent Startup Muster survey,” said FinTech Australia CEO Danielle Szetho.

The ecosystem map shows that the Wealth & Investment sub-sector -- where Sharesight exists -- is Australia’s largest fintech innovation area.

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Sharesight is a founding member of FinTech Australia and earlier this year FinTech Australia named Sharesight the 2017 “Finnies” award winner for Excellence in Industry Collaboration and Partnerships (Australia). Sharesight is strongly committed to using APIs and open data architectures to establish beneficial partnerships with other fintech and industry players in the ecosystem, believing it creates the best outcomes for customers.

According to Sharesight CEO Doug Morris: “Financial services used to be an impenetrable, vertically integrated, bank-dominated industry. This is changing. If you think of this like a column of children’s’ blocks, it’s been toppled over and consumers now have the ability to rebuild it to their needs. We have work to do, but it is happening. We are 100% committed at Sharesight to being a part of the “Rebel Alliance” -- and partnering with others in the Australian fintech ecosystem.”

We are 100% committed at Sharesight to being a part of the “Rebel Alliance” – and partnering with others in the Australian fintech ecosystem.
Doug Morris - CEO - Sharesight

Sharesight already partners with FinTech Australia members OnMarket BookBuilds, Macrovue and SixPark and is keen to explore opportunities to work with other members of the AusFintech ecosystem. Hit us up via Twitter or send us an email to join the “Rebel Alliance”.


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