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Sharesight wins 2017 Finnies award for Excellence in Industry Collaboration & Partnerships

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | May 25th 2017

We’re thrilled to announce that FinTech Australia has named Sharesight the 2017 “Finnies” award winner for Excellence in Industry Collaboration and Partnerships (Australia)!

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We are 100% committed to the “Rebel Alliance” -- that is an ecosystem of connected fintechs. This award is really a story about APIs and how open data architecture provides the best outcome for consumers.

2017 finnie awards josh Sharesight Account Manager Josh Rodrigues accepting the award

Financial services used to be an impenetrable, vertically integrated, bank-dominated industry. This is changing. If you think of this like a column of children's’ blocks, it’s been toppled over and consumers now have the ability to rebuild it to their needs. We have work to do, but it is happening.

Our commitment to building an open set of APIs has enabled us to partner with fintechs and industry leaders. Macrovue, Six Park, Simply Wall Street, CMC Stockbroking, PwC, Livewire, Xero, and others are all members of the Sharesight ecosystem.

This award would not have been possible without their willingness to join the Rebel Alliance, so the beers are on us next time. Let’s keep up it, we’ve got work to do!

For you developers out there, check out the Sharesight API.

Thanks to FinTech Australia for organising these awards, and for providing a community for Australian fintechs to learn and collaborate.

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