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New and improved Sharesight Help Documentation website

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | May 26th 2017

Today we’re pleased to formally announce the launch of the new Sharesight Help Documentation website!

featured - sharesight help website

While it’s technically been "live" for a couple months, we’ve been busy tweaking our new help site to get it just right. Beyond a refreshed look and feel, the new site features:

Responsive web design

The new site has been designed and built with a "mobile first" approach -- meaning it’s optimised for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets:

sharesight help website - responsive

A prominent search tool appears at the top of the new site, and it dynamically retrieves help page results as you type:

sharesight help website - search

Regional versions

The great thing about being a New Zealand based company is that it forces you to have a global vision from day one. So beyond expanding our support of global markets we’ve also built dedicated tax reports to conform to Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules (with more countries on the way). The new help site should automatically "sniff-out" your location and serve you the right content, but you may manually change your region from the footer if you need to:

sharesight help website - region

Don’t forget to check out the Sharesight YouTube Channel for helpful tutorial videos, and to ask questions and interact with Sharesight staff and other investors in our Community Forum. And of course by upgrading to a paid plan, you can also get free personalised email support when you need it.