Sharesight Pearler Leveraging market volatility

Leveraging volatility for better investment decisions

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jun 16th 2022

In this webinar, Sharesight and Pearler discuss how investors can navigate a volatile market while still reaching their financial goals.

How NZSA boosted engagement

How NZSA boosted engagement using Sharesight to build a trading game

by Diana Ioppolo | May 18th 2022

We talk to Martin Dowse from the New Zealand Shareholders' Association (NZSA) about how he used Sharesight's API to build a share trading game for investors.

What-s driving investors (1)

What’s driving investors: Mind or emotions?

by Dr Laura Rusu | May 2nd 2022

Diversiview analyses Australian investors’ preferences in Q1 2022, with an emphasis on the risks and performance of the Top 20 preferred ASX securities.

Connect Sharesight and Otivo

Take control of your finances by connecting Sharesight and Otivo

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Mar 30th 2022

By connecting Sharesight and Otivo, investors can now keep track of all their financial accounts (including their investment portfolio) in one place.

Optimise diversification Diversiview Sharesight

How investors can optimise their diversification using AI and technology

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Feb 2nd 2022

Sharesight and Diversiview LENSELL discuss how investors and financial advisors can optimise diversification, improve portfolio performance and mitigate risk.

QLD Uni students Sharesight

How QLD Uni students used Sharesight to help grow their portfolio by 55%

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jan 31st 2022

Students from The University of Queensland have been using Sharesight to help grow their Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) by 55% over the past 3 years.

Sharesight Sharesies

Sharesies investors can sync their trades directly to Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Nov 23rd 2021

Investors who use the Sharesies platform can automatically sync trades to their Sharesight portfolio and access award-winning performance and tax reporting.

Sharesight Stockfox

Get share market advice by connecting Sharesight to Stockfox

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Nov 21st 2021

By connecting Sharesight and Stockfox, investors can leverage investment advice and stock analysis capabilities of Stockfox with Sharesight’s reporting tools.

Diversiview Sharesight integration

Diversiview by LENSELL integrates with Sharesight

by Dr Laura Rusu | Nov 11th 2021

Diversiview by LENSELL has integrated with Sharesight, allowing investors to analyse their portfolios' health, diversification and risk & return positions.

ProductRex Sharesight

Easily prepare SoAs by connecting Sharesight and ProductRex

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Nov 5th 2021

ProductRex has integrated with the Sharesight API, creating a solution that helps financial advisers make better decisions for their clients.

Stropro Sharesight

Track your Stropro alternative investments using Sharesight

by Ben Streater | Oct 27th 2021

Stropro has partnered with Sharesight to make it easy to track alternative investment holdings alongside the rest of your portfolio using the Sharesight API.

Sharesight PocketSmith Net Wealth

Get net wealth insights with PocketSmith and Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Oct 26th 2021

By connecting Sharesight and PocketSmith, investors can automatically sync the value of their Sharesight portfolios & gain net wealth insights with PocketSmith.

Scope Accounting Sharesight case study

Why one accountant switched from Excel to Sharesight Pro

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Aug 25th 2021

In this Q&A we talk with Chris Wheatley, Director of Queensland-based firm Scope Accounting, about why accountants should switch from Excel to Sharesight Pro.

HMT case study Sharesight

How a Swiss accountant uses Sharesight Pro to track international portfolios

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jul 23rd 2021

We talk to Paul Kümin from HMT Partners about how the Swiss-based accounting consultancy uses Sharesight Pro to track clients’ global investment portfolios.

EGU case study feature image

How financial advisers meet AFSL requirements with Sharesight Pro

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jun 8th 2021

We talk to financial advisers Ben Wieland and Ben Widdup from EGU about how Sharesight Pro helps them meet their AFSL needs while improving client experience.

Stake shop for shares sharesight

Stake clients can easily track trades using Sharesight

by David Olsen | May 25th 2021

Australians (and New Zealanders) trading with Stake can easily import their trading history, plus easily sync future trades to their Sharesight portfolios.

Ryan Jones Jones Louros Sharesight Pro

How one financial adviser uses Sharesight Pro

by Stephanie Stefanovic | May 19th 2021

We talk to Ryan Jones, Partner, Accountant and Financial Adviser at Jones Louros, about how he uses Sharesight Pro to manage his clients’ investment trusts.

Pearler Integrates with the Sharesight API

Pearler integrates with the Sharesight API

by Kurt Walkom | May 6th 2021

Pearler now integrates with the Sharesight API to send transaction data directly to Sharesight so investors can access advanced performance and tax reporting.

Marketech Sharesight

Why investors should connect Marketech Focus and Sharesight

by Travis Clark | Mar 9th 2021

Unlock the ultimate solution for investing, trading insights and performance tracking by connecting your Marketech Focus account with Sharesight.