Sharesight talks SMSFs and tech tips at ausbiz panel

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Nov 21st 2021

At an ausbiz panel for DIY investors called ‘Tech Tips to Maximise Portfolio Performance’, Sharesight CEO Doug Morris explored the benefits of harnessing technology to manage your SMSF, rather than relying on expensive bank-owned platforms. Some of the topics discussed included how investors can make the switch from platform to DIY tech stack; how SMSF investors can save thousands of dollars in management fees; and whether there are any potential risks of taking a self-directed approach to managing an SMSF.

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We’ve broken the content down into individual topic segments for your convenience. Watch the full playlist or the individual segments covered in the panel below:

  • All access: How can DIY investors access tools and metrics that are normally the domain of professional investors, and is ‘all access’ worth the money?

  • Going global: With international shares and ETFs on every investor’s radar, find out how to efficiently buy and sell, while avoiding costly currency pitfalls.

  • Case study: The ultimate SMSF tech stack: How to 'unbundle' your SMSF to potentially save you thousands of dollars.

  • Navigating the options: Fully automated, in person or hybrid? Is DIY all or nothing or can a happy medium be found to maximise profits and minimise risk?

The panel event was hosted by Nadine Blayney, Head of Content at ausbiz. Sharesight CEO, Doug Morris was joined by Pat Garrett, Co-Founder and CEO of Six Park; Andy Rogers, Director of Stockbroking at CMC Markets; Al Bentley, CEO at Simply Wall St; and Mathan Somasundaram, Founder and CEO at Deep Data Analytics.

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