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Easily prepare SoAs by connecting Sharesight and ProductRex

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Nov 5th 2021

We are excited to announce that ProductRex has integrated with the Sharesight API, creating a solution that helps financial advisers make better decisions for their clients. By connecting Sharesight and ProductRex, financial advisers can easily aggregate the data they need to compare financial products and make recommendations to clients. To learn more about ProductRex and how both financial advisers and investors can benefit from connecting Sharesight and ProductRex, keep reading.

ProductRex Sharesight

What is ProductRex?

ProductRex is a free product research solution for financial advisers, paraplanners, administrators and anyone working in financial planning. ProductRex offers advisers a way to compare products and fees to help in the creation of their Statements of Advice and allows direct integrations with third party providers (such as Sharesight). With ProductRex advisers can:

  • Complete their product recommendations and research
  • Compare asset allocation and fees between products
  • Create easily customisable output that matches their SoA
  • Access data for 400+ super, pension and investment platforms.

ProductRex is the core of an adviser’s recommendation workflow, with the system being used before product recommendations have started, during the advice formulation process and directly before implementation of the advice.

Why has ProductRex connected to Sharesight?

Connecting to Sharesight opens up a world of possibilities in terms of data aggregation for financial advisers – with access to pricing and performance data for over 240,000 stocks, ETFs and funds, in addition to ProductRex’s existing data for super, pension and various other investment platforms. This is crucial for financial advisers looking to ProductRex to help them prepare their SoA.

"The integration partnership between ProductRex and Sharesight for professionals makes it easy for financial advisers to import share data directly from Sharesight into their scenarios, removing the need for manual data entry," says ProductRex founder Nick Topham.

"And for advisers new to Sharesight, gaining access to reports such as the Diversity Report or Historical Cost Report (a useful tool for SMSF reporting) is another time-saving resource that can assist advisers in formulating insights and communicating them with their clients."

ProductRex laptop

Why Sharesight users should connect to ProductRex

By connecting Sharesight and ProductRex, Sharesight's professional users can take advantage of ProductRex’s easy-to-use system with complete datasets for industry super investment options; practice-level client, theme, portfolio and risk profile sharing; pre-loaded licensee themes, risk profiles and rate cards; and many other convenient features for financial professionals.

"Connecting Sharesight and ProductRex is a great solution for financial advisers looking to save time on manual data entry while ensuring the accuracy of their data," says Joe Salvati, Director of Partnerships at Sharesight.

"This leaves advisers with more time to focus on what actually matters, which is forming insights and providing quality advice to their clients – whether it’s about rebalancing their share portfolio or switching to a superannuation fund that better suits their needs."

How to connect Sharesight and ProductRex

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Get started with ProductRex (and Sharesight) today

To get started using ProductRex’s free product research solution for financial professionals, register here.

Or if you’re a ProductRex user wanting to get started with Sharesight Pro, sign up for a free 30-day trial here.


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