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Sharesight appoints Joe Salvati as Director of Partnerships

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Dec 14th 2020

We are excited to announce that Joe Salvati has joined Sharesight in the role of Director of Partnerships to further grow the Sharesight pro and partnership side of the business. Moving to Sharesight from a number of Customer and Go-to-Market roles at Xero, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge about scaling software companies and the fintech B2B ecosystem to Sharesight.

To learn more about Joe, I sat down with him to find out more:

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m originally from Chicago but left to move to New York City to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional musician. Drums were my instrument of choice. I had an incredible time in New York where I worked on establishing myself and my career to medium success. NYC is where I feel I truly became a grown up and is my hometown in my heart. I moved to Melbourne in 2011 for my partner’s work and undertook a Master’s in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Swinburne University. My hope was that I would get an excellent education on running a business and return to NYC to help my musician friends grow their brands.

Fortuitously, while undertaking my Master’s some of my fellow classmates had started a SaaS payroll company called Paycycle. They were kind of enough to bring me on where I learned a ton about the Accounting industry and started building my experience in software sales.

Four months after I joined Paycycle we were acquired by Xero (accounting software) as their first acquisition. I then joined Xero as one of their first 200 employees globally. Over the next nine years it was a rocket ship of a ride helping the Australian business scale from $2 million to over $350 Million in Annualized Revenue. I feel really fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn so much over that time as it really taught me how to make decisions based on the facts at hand and move quickly.

What excites you the most about Sharesight?

Sharesight is an incredibly exciting business that I have been keeping an eye on for many years. The chance to join the team and help shape the next phase of the business is something I have really been looking forward to. Currently, I am only a few weeks into the job and I have learned heaps. It feels great to be continually challenged and learning everyday.

What are your top priorities as Sharesight Sales Director?

The team has tripled over the last two months so my main focus is to help build an incredibly strong and close knit team. As we develop as a business unit I look forward to creating the foundation for us to continue scaling and have an impact far beyond the size of our team.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at Sharesight?

I really enjoy hanging out with my two daughters who are 7 & 4. In addition to teaching myself the piano I love reading and listening to podcasts. To keep myself young and embarrass my children I try and stay up to date with what is happening musically and culturally. (I’m still not great at flossing). I’m referring to the dance. My teeth game is strong.

Tell us something most people don’t know about yourself

I was born at 28 weeks in 1982, weighing 2lbs 4oz ( 1.02 KG). I was the same size as a $5 bill. Anytime I meet parents of premature babies I make a point to tell them my story. Besides my terrible sense of humor I’ve turned out ok.

Join the Sharesight partner ecosystem today

Joe and the team at Sharesight are always excited to explore opportunities to work and partner with like minded companies. If anything offered by Sharesight or our API would benefit your business, platform, or website please send Joe an email or reach out via LinkedIn to start the conversation.