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Sharesight release notes - March 2019

by Ben Clendon, Head of Product, Sharesight | Apr 3rd 2019

Our focus in March has been geared toward our Interactive Brokers integration. We are only a week or so away from opening the feature up to enthusiastic early adopters. Our beta users will hear more from us in the next couple of weeks regarding this integration.

Here’s what else we’ve been up to in March:

Sharesight Release Notes March 2019

Country currency coverage


  • Introduced the ability for any of our users to add themselves to the Sharesight beta program via the My Details page
  • Improved functionality regarding total claimable foreign tax paid on the Foreign Investment Fund (FIF) Report for New Zealand users. We now segment any FIF tax paid by their respective holdings and calculate a maximum claimable foreign tax paid per holding
  • Introduced a minor layout change to the criteria selection on the Portfolio Overview and Individual Holding pages in preparation for some final overview changes coming in April
  • Gmail users can set their Trade Confirmation Emails import address as a forwarding address within their Gmail client now and verify that forwarding address from within the Trade Confirmation Emails Inbox
  • Enhancements to the manual Cash Account trade syncing through improved handling of unsettled trades adjustment feature and DRP trades
  • Improvements to the new trade form, particularly in regard to the instrument search, better handling of errors and the introduction of a new exchange rate search function
  • Improvements to the trade notification process for those using the Sharesight Connect API
  • Fixes and improved support for 20+ contract notes
  • Made some additional IE11 improvements following on from last month’s effort
  • Added new broker support for Charles Stanley, Pac Partners, Craigs, Investorfirst Securities
  • Introduced the ability for users to set a financial year end day instead of just the month (to cater specifically to our UK users)
  • Enabled handling of fractional quantities on almost all remaining markets, including the NZX and ASX to allow for investments through micro-investing platforms such as Sharesies
  • Enabled the storing of criteria selection on our mobile app after logging out
  • Introduced a new Sharesight20 page to feature all our Sharesight20 top 20 trades snapshots

Sharesight API

  • API V3 (in beta): Added an endpoint to return a trade log of all interactive broker trades


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