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Sharesight release notes - March 2021

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight | Apr 9th 2021

The most obvious change for users this month will be the shiny new navigation menu on, aside from that here’s what’s new in the app.

Sharesight Release Notes March 2021

New Functionality / Enhancements

  • Enhanced the Foreign Currency Valuation Report to remember the currency selection across sessions
  • Added Foreign Currency Valuation Report to consolidated views
  • Switched to using the new Xero API and migrated all existing Xero connections

Broker Import Functionality

  • Added support for Euroz Hartleys contract notes

Sharesight API

  • API V3 Trades endpoints now return the cost base for opening balance transactions
  • Added the ability to optionally specify the market country instead of the market code when creating trades via API V2 and V3