Sharesight release notes – May 2023

by Ben Clendon, Head of Product, Sharesight | Jun 7th 2023

It was a busy month for us in May. The notable new features include a significant expansion of our crypto support with the addition of 100 new cryptos, support for an additional 56 countries and their corresponding currencies, and a revamped wizard that allows customers to bulk upload their custom investment prices.

Although technically a June improvement, I also cannot resist mentioning a performance improvement we have just rolled out that has drastically improved the calculation speed for those with large complex holdings.

May release notes 2023

New functionality / Enhancements

  • Introduced support for the Vienna Stock Exchange.

  • Introduced a new wizard for the bulk import of custom investment prices. This new tool provides a modern interface, improved user experience and takes Sharesight another step closer to providing an investment tracking solution for all investment types.

  • We now allow the import of trades using ISIN codes in addition to ticker symbols. This capability is particularly important for our European customers.

  • Extended support to an additional 56 countries and their associated currencies. These new countries cover a population of around 200 million. With this expansion, we now allow users to sign up and create portfolios for 95% of countries worldwide.

  • Expanded our crypto support to an additional 100 cryptos, up from the eight previously supported. As part of this release we have also introduced a new crypto market which allows for the separation of crypto stocks from traditional currencies when grouping by market. We will migrate the existing eight cryptos (including Bitcoin and Ethereum) to this new dedicated crypto market in due course.

  • Introduced default financial year end dates to an additional 18 portfolio countries, removing the need for users to manually configure these dates.

UX / Usability improvements

  • We’ve made some very noticeable performance improvements on the page load time for large, complex holdings.

  • We now display customers' name and email address in the Account dropdown, providing better context for users and making it one less click to get this information.

  • Introduced a modernised success message when payouts are modified in any way.

  • Updated our csv import instructions for all broker imports, ensuring our instructions are simple and accurate for each broker we support.

Enhancement for professional partners

  • Introduced two new API endpoints that allow API partners to push portfolio setting preferences to their customers’ portfolios; preferences such as whether the portfolio is tracking open as well as closed positions, the chart to display, benchmark choice, etc.


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