Get share market advice by connecting Sharesight to Stockfox

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Nov 22nd 2021

We’re excited to announce that Stockfox has partnered with Sharesight to make Sharesight’s portfolio, price and performance data for over 240,000 global stocks, ETFs and funds available in Stockfox’s share market advice app. By connecting Sharesight and Stockfox, investors can leverage the investment advice and stock analysis capabilities of Stockfox with Sharesight’s performance tracking and tax reporting tools – creating the ultimate solution for self-directed investors. To learn more about Stockfox and how investors can benefit from connecting Sharesight and Stockfox, keep reading.

Sharesight Stockfox

What is Stockfox?

Stockfox is a virtual share market advice app that provides tips and analysis for the New Zealand, Australian and major United States (NYSE and NASDAQ) share markets. Users receive clear, actionable tips as notifications on their preferred digital device. The tips and research are generated by leading share market analyst and commentator David McEwen and his team of analysts. The tips are based on the proven stock assessment criteria David has developed and refined over the past 25 years.

Stockfox is designed to make professional advice accessible to the everyday investor, and to reduce the confusion and anxiety people often feel when trying to decide what shares to buy and when to sell.


Why has Stockfox connected to Sharesight?

For Stockfox, integrating with Sharesight is all about turning Stockfox into a one-stop shop for share market advice, analysis and portfolio monitoring.

"We all know that the number of people investing in the share market has increased exponentially recently, but not many of these investors have access to credible financial advice and the ability to accurately monitor their portfolios’ performance," says Stockfox founder and lead analyst David McEwen.

"This is a great opportunity to give keen investors who diligently keep track of their investments reliable and professional advice. They will feel more confident with their investing decisions and ultimately make the most of their investing experience."

Stockfox wants to elevate the investing experience for those who want more in-depth knowledge, and connecting with Sharesight will allow for this. With the advice and portfolio tracking features all in one app, it’ll be easy for investors to get the most out of their time trading and tracking their shares.

Why investors should connect Sharesight and Stockfox

Connecting Sharesight and Stockfox creates a holistic digital solution for self-directed investors trading in Australian, New Zealand and US shares. Investors will benefit from the ability to track the performance (and tax implications) of the Stockfox tips they act on, as well as the rest of the holdings in their portfolio, alongside the advice and analysis they receive in the Stockfox app.

"Sharesight and Stockfox are two very different, yet complementary platforms," says Joe Salvati, Partnerships Director at Sharesight.

"Sharesight is all about providing independent portfolio tracking, performance and tax reporting for investors. What we don’t do is provide financial advice, which is where Stockfox comes in. So the integration is perfect for investors looking for a way to help them make better investment decisions while eliminating the need for complex spreadsheets and tedious portfolio admin."

How to connect Sharesight and Stockfox

Users can sign up to Sharesight from within the Stockfox app or connect their existing Sharesight account if they already have one. Read our help page for detailed instructions on how to connect Sharesight and Stockfox.

Or for more information on how to connect Sharesight and Stockfox, check out this instructional video: Embedded content:

Get started with Stockfox (and Sharesight) today

To get started using Stockfox’s share market advice app, click here to start your free 14-day trial.

Or if you’re a Stockfox user wanting to get started with Sharesight, sign up for a free account here.

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