Good returns

Good returns start with quality, independent information

by Doug Morris | Aug 27th 2021

Self-directed investors need an automated solution that provides quality, independent information and actionable insights – not just vague stock data.

ETF tax

The exchange traded fund (ETF) tax nightmare

by Doug Morris | Mar 3rd 2021

ETFs create tax complications because instead of classifying them as ordinary company shares, the ATO classifies ETFs as trusts.

Trends that shaped retail investing in 2020

5 trends that shaped retail investing in 2020

by Prashant Mohan | Jan 21st 2021

The year 2020 was a year of change and acceleration, in the world of retail investing. Here's my 5 biggest trends that shaped retail investing in 2020.

featured open-banking (1)

Australia's Consumer Data Right to open banking

by Doug Morris | Mar 25th 2019

In collaboration with Fintech Australia, Sharesight has officially endorsed a submission on the Treasury Laws Amendment (Consumer Data Right) Bill 2019.

Computershare ETF Event Sharesight

Sharesight CEO a panelist at Computershare ETF Forum

by Doug Morris | Jan 30th 2019

Sharesight CEO Doug Morris was a panelist at Computershare's ETF Forum, talking ETFs, share registries, and the emerging fintech ecosystem for investors.

4 metrics to monitor the health of your investment portfolio

4 metrics to monitor the health of your investment portfolio

by Doug Morris | Nov 18th 2018

Understanding how your portfolio has been performing overall, not just in the past month, is the best antidote to help you make the best decisions. Here's how:

featured - digital banking

New digital banks on the block: What it means for investors

by Alison Banney | Jul 18th 2018

Before you rush out and buy into any of the new digital banks, it’s important to do your research. Here are 5 things to consider before investing in a neobank.

Banking Royal Commission

Road ahead from Banking Royal Commission

by Doug Morris | May 30th 2018

Now that the Royal Commission is well under way, there are a few themes that we’ve been following at Sharesight, let's look at the road ahead from here.


What ASX moving to blockchain SHOULD mean for investors

by Doug Morris | Jan 22nd 2018

Everyone from fintech companies, to brokers, mobile apps, lenders and financial advice professionals would benefit from equal access to ASX's CHESS replacement.


The time is now for financial planners to embrace fintechs

by Doug Morris | Dec 13th 2017

Rather than viewing fintechs as a threat to their business, financial planners should take the time to examine the opportunity that they can bring.

OnMarket IPO Tips

7 essential tips for investing in IPOs

by Tim Eisenhauer | Nov 21st 2017

Not all IPOs are created equal. If you’re going to put your hard earned cash into the public float of a company, what are the markers of a good investment?


Why the right partners matter

by Doug Morris | Sep 28th 2017

From the early days we knew partnerships would be key to ramping up not only our growth, but also the value of Sharesight itself.

Ladders - featured

4 ways to maximise returns in a low-return world

by Andrew Bird | Jul 25th 2016

A look at how investing-related fees can quickly add-up, and how reducing fees can help maximise returns in an increasingly low-return world.

10 year gap - featured

The ten year gap in financial services technology

by Doug Morris | Jun 8th 2016

A recent report by PWC paints a grim picture for professionals on the wrong side of financial services technology - here are our thoughts on the matter.

Smart Advisers - featured

How smart advisers are leveraging disruption

by Doug Morris | Aug 25th 2015

Smart advisers are leveraging disruption by taking advantage of mFund by ASX, a welcomed addition to the investing landscape.

Budget 2015 - featured

Our take on the budget

by Doug Morris | May 28th 2015

The recently released Australian Budget was a win for small business and we think tech companies should be cautiously optimistic.

Australia Coat of Arms - featured

Thoughts on the Senate Inquiry

by Doug Morris | Apr 23rd 2015

Like many of you, we've been keeping an eye on the Senate Inquiry in Canberra into problems facing the financial planning arms of Macquarie, ANZ, NAB, and CBA.

Uber of Wealth Management - featured

Where is the Uber of Australian wealth management?

by Doug Morris | Feb 24th 2015

Our response to Graham Hand's thoughtful CuffeLinks blog piece on what it might take to truly disrupt the Australian wealth management industry.

Why Does Finance Hate Technology - Featured

Why does finance hate technology?

by Doug Morris | Jun 12th 2014

In his latest thought leadership article, Sharesight CEO Doug Morris asks the question, why does finance hate technology?